Foreseeing a New Brand in the Future


Foresee is one of those businesses that few consumers have heard of, but it is a major force in today’s corporate world. The corporation has two hundred employees who are experts in measuring customer satisfaction and using survey results to create meaningful change in contracting businesses. Because a lot of these changes have to do with a business’s brand, it is important for Foresee to lead by example with a logo design and brand that is appealing and modern.

Unfortunately, the old logo design was simply not up to the challenge. It featured a hand-drawn arrow arcing over the top, seemingly going nowhere. The red was eye-catching, but it has little relevance to the industry. Ditto for the type; can you think of a more generic font? It is ironic that a company consulting on, among other things, customer perception has such a low regard for the way that their own customers see them.

The new logo design is good, although we still think it needs a little work. It has all of the elements of the old, but in a more modern form. The arrow has been transformed into a strong and bold triangle. The font is completely different: a round and rather generic sans serif font that, if we recall correctly, is Gotham Rounded Medium. This is a youthful and friendly type that does not exactly scream ‘industry leader’. Moreover, the spacing between the E in Fore and the S in See feels a little ‘off’. The red, which probably should have been scrapped altogether, has been softened into a less attention-grabbing and more corporate hue. Nonetheless, it feels like the wrong color here.

The arrow looks a lot like a ‘play’ button, such as that you see on a DVD player. We’re not sure whether this was intentional, but it is certainly not appropriate for the brand either way. The triangle is a good choice, and it could have been used in a variety of ways that would not have brought up this association.

There have been other changes as well. The company’s website has been completely redesigned to coordinate with the new logo design, and the word ‘results’ has been dropped from the name. It was already known by this shortened name in the industry, so why not? The triangle/arrow concept is used throughout the website in a variety of applications; indeed, it is the right choice for the company brand.

The new logo design is a definite improvement. We really like the concept itself, of incorporating the shape into the wording to create a simple and recognizable wordmark. Dropping the last word of the name seems like a good idea as well. This logo design feels like a start, a logo design concept that should have been honed and redrawn into perfection. It does not have the staying power of a professional logo design, but there are plenty of ways that it can be modified for future success.