Football Logo Design Gets Friendly


Even if you are familiar with the sport of football, you might not have some of Penalty brand sportswear and gear in your wardrobe. Penalty is a Brazilian brand that was launched in 1970 but has a sphere of influence that seems to be limited to the Latin world. However, the logo design is seen on the television quite often, because Penalty is a major backer of football teams in both Brazil and Argentina and is also the official football of several leagues in South America.

Because Penalty seems ready to burst onto an international scene, it makes sense to rebrand. However, the original logo is not bad; in fact, it has many of the elements that create a good sports logo design The former logo featured bold lettering, a triangular logo image with movement lines, and bold, upper case lettering. It resembles a wing, which also gives that important feeling of speed. The letters are slightly slanted for a feeling of movement that suits this industry well, while the triangle gives a feeling of strength. The colour orange is youthful and energetic, as are many football players.

The new logo keeps many of these themes, but not all of them. The triangular shape has been somewhat modified to make a swooshing design that definitely communicates movement, a feeling that is underscored by the fact that it could also be interpreted as a road leading off into the distance. However, it has lost its strong and steady feeling. The colour has been changed from orange to a calming green, which trades youthful energy for calm and serenity. Last, while the writing is still upper case, it has been changed to a rounded font that just doesn’t make sense for a sports brand.

Obviously we are not the hugest fans of this logo change. The orange made more sense for the brand than the green does, and ditto for the typefaces. We rather like the change in the image, although when combined with the font this logo seems to have lost a lot of its former strength. We can see that this logo change is an attempt to be more modern and to put Penalty on par with big brands like Nike and Adidas. However, the general feeling friendly and unassuming, with a font that belongs on a video game from the nineties.

Penalty has a somewhat bold, sports oriented name. Its products are also bold and colourful. The old logo worked well with this type of brand, while the new one seems to fall way too short of the mark. It is too friendly for the name and the brand, and too soft for the world of sports in general. We don’t really understand why a company in this field would want to change to a kind and gentle logo design even as they are beginning to reach the proverbial ‘big time’. This logo felt dated and tired from the first time we saw it.