The Case of Blue Elephant at Hilton Malta!

We remember a person, place or an incident for two reasons: when we are either very delighted or thoroughly disappointed with that place or person. In Hilton Malta’s case, we were very much delighted with the experience we got there.

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On the Wings of Red Bull

On the Wings of Red Bull

Why do well-known brands spend so much money on advertising?

Well, advertising a brand is for the people, especially the target market, to know about it.

Ok, here the question is why the top of the list companies keep on spending huge amounts even when they know that everybody knows about their brand.

Well, they honestly believe the saying: “Out of sight (& hearing) is out of mind!” And it’s true that people have limited memory and with so many brands showing up in the market, it’s very hard for the consumers to stick to their customer loyalty. After all, we all accept the fact that humans descend from monkeys which are notorious for being fickle-minded.
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Symbiosis between Two American Eatery Brands!

Shake Shack Outlet
There is symbiosis found everywhere in the nature. Plants, animals and humans live in symbiosis with one another. Fungi and plants being in a mutually beneficial relationship is the most common example. The Langer monkeys and spotted deer are seen together foraging for food.

The spotted deer follow the monkeys when they move from tree to tree for the ripe fruit. The monkeys drop fruit and leaves, either deliberate or accidental, for the deer so that when their common predator, the tiger, approaches, the deer warn the monkeys and they all run for cover. We see that same give-take between humans, especially in business. An ophthalmologist, an optician and a druggist staying nearby one another can share the benefit of patients of one becoming the customers of the other.
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Two Spanish Strategies: Gran Melia Fenix & El Bulli!

Hotel Gran Melia Fenix, Madrid, Spain

PART I – Gran Melia Fenix

The two Spanish phoenixes I’m going to write about in this two-part article is the result of a great coincidence. The first one is Gran Melia Fenix and the second one is the El Bulli Restaurant, both of which happen to be in Spain.

It all started when my wife and I decided to steal out of our hustle-bustle life to have a quiet time for ourselves, just the two of us, and decided on Madrid, Spain as our destination.

Two factors made our trip in Spain very enjoyable: the first relates to my love Tapas, and the other was getting a reservation at Gran Melia Fenix where we experienced the cliché ‘home away from away’.
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The House of Barbecue!

barbecoa branding logo 0
This is a logo of an eatery in London. Ring any bells! Yes, it’s the imposing logo of Barbecoa, the high-end first BBQ eatery in London.

I love this logo design. The lettering, the circle around the letter and the font make me fall for this one.

As a logo and brand designer and marketing strategist, I have had several logos created with the letter B, yet I always feel disappointed that I haven’t done this one myself. I have had a sort of affinity with this one since I first saw it because my family name begins with a B and I have used my family name to the video channel and other social media channels; furthermore, my lovely wife’s name also begins with a B, which she has used for her cookery website.
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