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The Case of Blue Elephant at Hilton Malta!

We remember a person, place or an incident for two reasons: when we are either very delighted or thoroughly disappointed with that place or person. In Hilton Malta’s case, we were very much [...]

On the Wings of Red Bull

Why do well-known brands spend so much money on advertising? Well, advertising a brand is for the people, especially the target market, to know about it. Ok, here the question is why the top of [...]

Symbiosis between Two American Eatery Brands!

There is symbiosis found everywhere in the nature. Plants, animals and humans live in symbiosis with one another. Fungi and plants being in a mutually beneficial relationship is the most common [...]

Tetsuya’s: The Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout

Tetsuya’s: Japanese tradition combined with French cuisine available in Sydney and Singapore! In my research while I was writing up the two-part article on El Bulli, a news item on Good [...]

The House of Barbecue!

This is a logo of an eatery in London. Ring any bells! Yes, it’s the imposing logo of Barbecoa, the high-end first BBQ eatery in London. I love this logo design. The lettering, the circle around [...]

Fast Food Design Lessons

All of us have at least one fast food restaurant where we have eaten at regularly. Just the sight of the logo of our favorite fast food joint is enough to make us feel all fuzzy and warm. Granted [...]