Follow Your Heart to St. Kitts

By Mash Bonigala

Part of the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, the island of St. Kitts is a holiday destination that is popular in the UK. Although the island has just 35,000 residents, it welcomes many more than that every year as visitors. However, St. Kitts is not too small for a professionally designed destination brand and logo design that we think will appeal to people in the UK.

The old logo design featured the name of the island along with a tropical island flower. While this is definitely a relevant image for a Caribbean destination, it nonetheless did nothing to set the island apart from other tropical island holidays. The strapline below (Explore. Feel. Love. Remember.) is similar vague and completely without charm. The writing is, well, boring. It screams ‘vacation logo’ and is almost cliché for the industry.

Charm is one thing that this holiday destination has plenty of, and we think this should be an integral part of the logo design. Apparently someone in St. Kitts agreed with us, because the logo design has been completely redesigned. The new logo features a less obviously tropical colour scheme and a new bespoke font that includes several hidden messages about St. Kitts. If you look at where the S meets the T, there is a hidden open heart, while the bottom portion of the I, T, and T in the second word clearly looks like a wave. These are subtle, but they make a definite impression. More important, they give the impression that St. Kitts is a place with pleasant surprises hidden just below the surface.

The new strapline is ‘Follow Your Heart’, which is significant because there is a heart in the logo itself. The heart and waves theme is also being used in a ‘signature graphic’ that will used in marketing materials. The way the strapline and the logo complement each other will help to create a very cohesive brand that will appeal to people in the UK and even all over the world. We are newly interested in the tiny island of St. Kitts as a destination brand, which is exactly the intended effect.

We love the brown in this design, which was inspired by the earthy landscape of the island. It is a less obvious yet more relevant choice. Moreover, it begins to differentiate the island from other similar and nearby destinations. The bespoke font was also a good choice. It is hard to imagine a stock font tying into the brand and the strapline this completely. It’s rare that we are actually delighted with a new logo, especially for a mundane field such as tourism, but this one is remarkable. It is even more so when you consider the boring, clichéd old brand that the logo design replaces.

Rebranding may be a trial, but it is a process that can make all the difference in your business. As we are seeing in this and other logo designs, a professional brand is essential to competing in the modern world.