Finding the Right Logo the First Time

By Mash Bonigala

The CEO of any large, successful company will tell you that the company logo design had a lot to do with making them successful. It was this design that first attracted the attention of the target audience and prompted their interest in the products or services that were being offered. Logo design plays a big part in the advertising of any well known company.

These companies, their directors, and their advertising departments understand how to make the logos work. Even though the companies change over time, and the logos have been changed, the really successful ones have kept some of the basics of the original logo in the new logos. The reasoning behind this is that the already solid customers will recognize the older features of the logo and be able to feel comfortable that the company has not changed too much, and the new target audience will appreciate the design and look of the new logo.

Some of these companies started out with a logo that just wasn’t really working for them, went on to a newer better one, and stuck with the basics of that one whenever they felt it was time to improve. For example, the Apple Computer Companies first logo which came out in 1976 was a vintage looking piece with a person sitting under an apple tree, reading, and an antique looking ribbon with the company name swirled around the whole image. In the latter part of 1976 through 1998 they went to a colorful, striped apple with a bit out of it. The latter part of 1998 they used the same apple design, but colored it solid black. The current logo design, is that very same apple with a more modernized, metallic appearance. But this is the logo design that works for them. When anyone sees this apple with the bit out of it they automatically think of Apple Computers.

Examples of companies who have found the right logo design the first time include BMW and Google. BMW may have changed the outer circle of their logo, but there has always been the inner circle, divided in quarters with two blue and two white alternating quarters. They have always had the BMW letters over the top of all the logos. Google as only changed the colors and size of their letters around.

General Electric has always been the fancy “G” and “E” since 1892. First it was just the letters, then it was the letters on a silver back ground, and then it was the GE in white on a black background for 69 years. The newest, present logo, is still the same GE on an blue and white back ground identical to the black and white background and just a little larger. They found the perfect logo the first time and just added to it and enlarged it.

If you are trying to build a company and haven’t found the right logo design yet, there is a lot of help out there. With all the new graphic design programs, Internet and web design companies, you have the help you need at your fingertips. Not everyone has the artistic ability to pick out the right design for a company logo, and sometimes it is necessary to get the help of experts. Getting the right logo design the first time, and keeping parts of it in any new designs, guarantees that the name will remain a well known name through the years.