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Umande Capital an independently-owned wealth and asset management company creating investment solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We created Logo Design, Branding, Stationery Design and Brand Strategy for this client.

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Finance Company Logos

One of the most viable ways to get your finance company noticed is with a robust logo design. Vibrant, eye-catching finance logos can give customers the feeling of security and stability that is so necessary in your industry. Throughout history, this industry has been faced with issues of trust. An attention-grabbing logo will assure customers that you are the one company that they need to do business with.

A unique identity can separate you from companies that are here for a short life span. Those businesses that do not take the time or effort to provide a proper logo design give the impression that they will not take the time or effort to provide the best service. Clients want the best service and are looking for companies to provide such.

A well thought our identity is exactly what you need to show your unique service as well as your trustworthiness. There are many people in today’s market that do not really understand what they need. However, the intellectual client will be on the lookout for an exclusive branding for this will dictate the select few that are worthy of their business.

If you want to be the first company that customers think of, you must choose create a brand identity that will make the best statement about who you are, what you can do, and how well you can do it. Such a bold proclamation will not be believable without a vivacious logo. Many clients of the past relied on word of “mouth advertising”. Perhaps, some clients would use the “good ole’ boy system” to find a finance company.

Today presents a much different world. Today, clients who are looking for a company like yours will go to the internet. The internet opens up not just your city, but the whole wide world. To be competitive on such a level you must be prepared to participate in an all out advertising campaign. Such a campaign begins with a declaration of who you are. Simple words and sentences are no longer adequate. Take a look yourself. What do you find when you begin to search to internet?

One of the advantages of such a diverse and individual identities is that you can use it on all of your business cards and brochures. This presents as a form of advertising every time you pass out either of these products. All of your stationery will have the logo printed on it; again, an inexpensive form of advertising. “Word of mouth” is still a wonderful endorsement for any company. Now your customers will have a way of remembering your company name easily.