Filmscore Android App Website Review

By Eva Alsis

Are you having a hard time keeping up with all of the movies coming out right now? If so, you aren’t alone. Even regular moviegoers may have a hard time remembering what film that interesting preview was for or when their fave comes out on DVD. Even more difficult is the task of deciding what to see. If you have an Android phone, a new app called Filmscore makes it easy to keep track of all the latest movies. Does it work? We don’t know, because we are here solely to evaluate the website.

The website is simple, with one page showing you everything you need to know about the app. An Android phone is the main image. There are buttons to the left allowing you to see what functions are available and also what these functions will look like on your phone. If the app works at least as well as the website, you won’t be disappointed. The price is certainly right—absolutely free.

This is a simple website, but it doesn’t really need to be complicated. We would like to see a little more information about the Filmscore app, such as how it helps you keep track of the films you want to see, but there is enough info here that many will be interested enough to give it a try. After all, there’s no risk.

Creativity: 4 stars. We like using the phone as the main ‘screen’ so that people can see what different functions will actually look like when in use. However, the wooden slat background is unoriginal and unrelated to the subject—a seemingly random choice for an otherwise well designed site.

Ease of use: 5 stars. Everything you need to know is all on one page—how much easier can it get? Just click on the buttons to see what the app does and then make your decision.

Functionality: 5 stars. You can see the app’s Facebook as well as the creator’s Twitter. Do apps have their own Facebook pages? Apparently. There are also instructions for finding the app manually (which are so easy your pet Beagle could follow them) as a well as a QR code you can scan if even this is too hard for you.

Content: 4 stars. The content is well written but very plain. It lacks the flow and unfortunately also the appeal of most professional copy or creative writing. A little more explanation about the app would be nice, but none is given.

Appropriateness: 3 stars. Again, the wooden background is simply unforgiveable. A simple black background would be less distracting and offer a more modern feeling. In addition, it would be easy to make this website relate directly to movies—classic film characters or even a red curtain. Given the wealth of fun images, the overall plainness seems like a cop-out.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars. The website is interesting and does a good enough job of selling the app in question, but there is certainly room for improvement.