FIFA U-17 World Cup Adopts World Class Logo Design


Soccer is not nearly as popular in the US as other American sports, but around the world it is the game of choice. People jostle and bribe to get their city named the host of major soccer events in a manner similar to that we see with the Olympics. It’s not hard to create a soccer sports logo design and brand that the world loves.

The FIFA U-17 (for those who don’t play soccer, that means for players under the age of seventeen years) World Cup is one event with a logo design that soccer fans will be able to identify with easily. Hosted in Mexico City, the games are being held in the city’s historic Estadio Azteco, an arena with extensive soccer history including hosting two separate FIFA World Cup games. The logo design character is perfect for this setting. It is distinctly Aztec, distinctly Mexican, and also relevant to the game it represents—a tall order even for the most professional logo designer.

The logo design features a stylized version of the Angel of Independence (a popular symbol in Mexico City) and the Estadio Azteca to the left, with a blooming tree and a soccer ball to the right. It is a little unusual for a logo design to be this ornate, but it is consistent with indigenous Latin American art. The two images are tied together with similar color schemes as well as a similar style. The rectangular shape is also unique, but in this case it makes us feel as though we are viewing a film in widescreen format. In other words, this logo design is unconventional, but it works well.

While this image might not work well as a corporate logo, it is perfect for an athletic logo design for this particular event. It has a sense of tradition and a feeling of movement that are consistent with the core values of the game of soccer as well. It won’t work well in smaller media such as stationary, but in banners and t-shirts it will look magnificent. We haven’t yet been able to get information on whether there is an alternate simplified design, although we suspect there indeed is one.

The FIFA games will kick off in May with the official draw, with representatives present from each of the twenty-four member teams as well as dignitaries such as Miss Universe. The spokespeople are promising a party of fiesta proportions, and we bet it will be a fun time for everyone involved. Great soccer and great parties seem to go together.

Sometimes a particular brand is so unique that it requires “breaking out of the box” a little. This is a good example of one of these brands. However, taking this route can be a gamble because when unconventional logos fail, they tend to fail epically. If you are unsure about the type of logo design that your company, association, or event requires, talk to a professional logo designer today.