Fashion Partnership Promises Boost for Both Brands

By Mash Bonigala

Fashion Partnership Promises Boost for Both Brands: High street retailer Topshop is known for their collaborations with up and coming designers. The latest young designer to join this co-branding trend is Jonathan Saunders, known for his mastery of print and color.

Jonathan Saunders is branching out with this latest line. Instead of fun print, the designer is turning to simple, clean lines and hardy fabrics such as British denim and jersey. The line, which will have only five pieces, will be urban and casual in the same garment.

This is not Saunders’ first time working with Topshop; he was part of the New Gen scheme of 2004-2005 for three seasons. However, he soon branched off and began a well-known line of couture that revolved around eye-catching prints and architectural shapes. This new line is a diversion from the designer’s usual style, which will make it all the more attractive to fashionistas looking for a ‘big name’ designer label along with a unique fashion statement.

How will these two brands comingle? Jonathan Saunders has a clean classic brand expressed by his logo design. A sophisticated color palette of sophisticated black on cool gray give a business-like tone to a colorful and casual collection. The writing is simple and thin, allowing the designs to take center stage. This logo design is simple and effective enough to work well in the right co-branding opportunity.

The Topshop logo design is similar to that of Jonathan Saunders. Instead of a gray background, a simple white is used. The writing is thinner yet, with none of the variations that give the designer’s logo design depth. Although the Topshop logo is often seen on a background of trendy polka dots, it is recognizable in its most basic form. This brand dissection is simple and fashions forward at the same time, able to adapt to a variety of trends without losing its core power. Clearly, these two brands and the logo designs that represent them can make a harmonious match.

Because Topshop’s other celebrity designer collaborations have been successful, it is easy to predict the same future for the new Jonathan Saunders line. The simple lines will coordinate well with other pieces and allow fashion lovers to create their own custom look. However, the real power of co-branding lies not in sales of a very limited product line, but in the long term brand exposure.

Both brands have a lot to benefit from the additional exposure that this partnership will offer. Co-branding can double the amount of time that interested customers interact with your brand and your logo design. In this case, both brands cater to fashion-conscious women who are not afraid to spend money to look better than the girl next door. This creates a very complimentary situation for everyone involved.

If you are having trouble in the business world, getting exposure for your brand and your logo design should be your first order of business. Co-branding is one way of accomplishing this. However, there are many other options that may be better for your company. Talk to a branding consultant today about how to get your own brand in the public eye.