Faanoos II Hopes to Duplicate Success of Sheen Original


Following the success of Faanoos in Sheen, a new Iranian restaurant, Faanoos II is opening in Chiswick. The Sheen restaurant was immensely successful, filled even on off season weeknights, so this new venture stands a high chance of success in using the same brand in a different location. In this case, the two restaurants will operate almost identically, serving the same food and atmosphere in two very different parts of London.

What makes an Iranian restaurant so successful in the UK? In this case, the distinctly Persian brand is a key part of the equation. First and most notably, the decoration of the restaurant is distinctly Eastern, with a warm ambience complimented by straw matted walls and brick accents. The room is lit by a variety of lamps, tying into the name, which is Farsi for ‘lamps’. A traditional turquoise tiled oven dominates the front corner of the room and radiates warmth while baking the traditional Persian bread that patrons enjoy with every meal.

The service is another big part of the Faanoos II brand. The Iranian staff is attentive and well versed in providing traditional Persian service. The restaurateur often sits with friends and enjoys a meal, adding to the family feeling that Persians so cherish. This family atmosphere permeates the restaurant and, combined with the attentive service, is a large reason for many patrons returning repeatedly to the original location.

The food offered at Faanoos I and II perfectly rounds out the experience. Starters include an informal range of salads and dips. Iranian pickles and preserves are available to add spice to the appetizers. Main dishes include the best known Persian dishes, all served with savoury saffron rice. The staff is even willing to tailor dishes to customer preferences, an attitude that is unusual in the current London trend of poor service. A variety of wines are available to compliment the dishes if you aren’t in the mood for more traditional Persian tea. If you still have room after two courses, Persian sweets laden with sugar and nuts provide the perfect end to the meal.

In a recession, it’s important to note that most of the dishes are less than ten pounds. This combined with the warm atmosphere and distinctly Persian brand will inspire many people in London to give Faanoos II a try.

If the owner of Faanoos wants to continue expanding the brand, one thing that the company will need to invest in is a professional logo design. Because the Persian brand is so distinct and natural for the company, the restaurants have been successful without a professional crafted brand. However, branding and restaurant logo design will be essential to the continued success of the company. An experienced logo designer will have no trouble taking the restaurant’s excellent service and exotic fare and combining them into a logo design image that the company can proudly display. This would be sure to invite an entirely new customer base while establishing the restaurant as a professional in their community.