Every Time I Die Website Review


We’ve discussed a variety of different web designs, but never one for a rock band. Music is an industry different from other types of art, especially edgier music. However, the principles of web design don’t change. Branding, aesthetics, and function remain very important regardless of the industry. The website for up and coming band Every Time I Die is a good example of this principle.

Website Reviewed: everytimeidie.net

The first thing a visitor notices on the landing page is the artistry of the header. Pictures of the band in black and white blend seamlessly with a background of parched, cracked earth. Blue tints dapple the image, providing a little color and interest without adding even a hint of convention. As you scroll down, other images blend into the scene; worms in the dirt, and photos of a wild concert seen from the vantage point of the band. The photos are all dark with somewhat grayed out color, even the ones that clearly were posed and professionally shot. This webpage sends an almost audible message about the type of music you can expect from the band.

Although the homepage is edgy, it remains aesthetically pleasing and follows the rules of good design. The blue and gray background is complimented by high contrast black and white lettering. The artsy feeling is not allowed to interfere with function, however. Although the band’s name is written in Gothic letters, the rest of the writing is plain and highly legible. A browsing bar just below the header offers several options for people interested in the band, including tour dates and band news.

As you scroll down the page, it’s impossible not to notice that the band has taken every opportunity to build their brand and bring new fans into the fold. Web episodes featuring the band have a prominent place, as do other videos, including those from past concerts. You can opt to follow the band on Twitter, become a Facebook fan, or even buy merchandise with your choice of euros or US dollars. However deep you want to engage, the opportunity is here. This ‘no fan left behind’ approach ensures that Every Time I die makes the most of every visitor to their website.

There are business aspects as well, such as endorsements which are tucked away in a corner of the page but nonetheless highly visible. This keeps the band’s sponsors happy without interfering with the brand or making the band appear too “commercial.” Fans can also order the band’s latest album on iTunes, although this link is more prominently displayed in the upper corner, in a high contrast white and pink color. Links that make money obviously deserve a higher position!

This website is not just a good example of musical web design; it is a good example of band branding as well. This group has done everything possible to entice fans and to present what their music is all about in a visual format. The landing page encourages visitors to interface with the website and experience the group just a little more with every visit.