Evernote as a identity creation tool

By Mash Bonigala

Evernote is an interesting company because it is both an example of good identity creation tool all in one package. Here are a few notes on this company’s logo design and brand, as well as a few ways that you can use it in your own branding and design efforts.

The Evernote logo features the image of an elephant head, which is significant because pachyderms are rumored to forget absolutely nothing. The green color is natural and bright, which contrasts with the smooth gunmetal gray. There are a few fun elements in this logo design, such as the way that the elephant’s ear is turned over like a dog-eared page of a novel. The trunk is curled around like a paper clip as well. Both of these tie into the purpose of Evernote beautifully and certainly contribute to building the company brand.

While these elements create an attractive logo design, they also serve to make the company more memorable. This is important because there are many websites offering similar services. The elephant’s head is relevant to the company brand both as a symbol of memory and as a means of differentiating from the competition.

Another interesting lesson from Evernote is one on the topic of marketing. Evernote occasionally showcases stories about how people around the world have used their service to improve both personal and corporate lives. These are powerful stories that not only show the brand in a very positive light, but show it with a variety of useful benefits. Marketing based on customer benefits tends to be more effective than other forms.

Evernote is unique in that their growth has been largely organic and driven by social networking. As a small start-up, the company wooed fans and used word of mouth as the sole method of marketing. Encouraging customers to check in with social networking websites helped to create a permanent brand presence and a way for customers to engage with the company on a more regular basis.

As for using Evernote as a identity creation tool, this website allows you to store ‘thoughts’ such as websites you have visited and inspiration. It is a great way to keep a file of logo design inspiration, such as logos, photos, and other visuals that you enjoy. You can store colors, taglines, and a variety of elements. More important, you should make a list of things you really dislike because this can give just as much insight into your aesthetic preferences. When you consult with a professional logo design, they will enjoy having a well-organized file of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ to give them an insight into what design is perfect for you.

There are new businesses popping up all over the internet. Some can be good examples of branding and logo design, while others can be tools that allow you to run your business more efficiently. Others may be both… or none at all. Evernote is a good example of a business that is a branding success while being a valuable tool as well.