Even the Smallest Business Needs a Logo


Logo designers hear it again and again: “I don’t need a professional logo design because I have only a small, local business.” Many small business owners assume that professional branding and logos are an area for large multinational corporations. However, as any logo designer can tell you, a logo is important for any small business, regardless of their size or industry.

Naturipe, a Florida based berry shipper, obviously realizes this basic marketing fact, because the company is sporting a completely new look from packaging to labels to logo design. Now known as Naturipe Selections, the company will be offering two new varieties of raspberry and plans to unveil similar branding measures for future expansions in other berry products.

The logo gives an impression of quality in several ways. First, the black and gold color palette is one usually associated with wealth and high quality. Second, the use of an old fashioned berry image in black line drawings combined with an old fashioned scrolling font gives a feeling of old time quality and flavor. Meanwhile, the friendliness of the brand is maintained with an inclusive oval shape and lower case writing for the name. Beautiful jewel toned colors that relate to the berries being represented are used as accents.

The company has good reason to create a new logo design for their new varieties. They have added numerous acres of the new berries and have millions of dollars invested in them. They have also added a celebrity spokesperson, country music star Billy Dean. The company hopes to double production over the next few years and is ramping up their branding to create demand.

Which comes first: the logo or the success? Many small business owners assume that they need to be “big time” entities before they invest in branding. However, just the opposite seems to be true. Small businesses need to invest in order to get this level of success. In too many cases, a lack of a professional brand, logo design, and visual identity is the factor holding a business back from the success and market dominance that it would otherwise enjoy. No business is too small, no field too narrow for a logo design.

Naturipe seems to know this. In addition to the new designs created for the new Selections line, the fruit packer is revamping their general company logo and redesigning the packaging for their regular and organic lines. With the same Christmas-y red and green logo used for decades now, it is probably time for a redesign. Although the berries will have the same bright flavors, the logo will be more sophisticated to appeal to the upscale audience that buys many of our nation’s berries.

This rebranding move will be complete by early 2011, giving Naturipe a reason to expect great things in the new year. If your company needs the advantage that a professional, relevant logo design and visual identity can give, talk to a logo design about how to take your brand to the next level.