ESPN College Football New Brand


Branding and rebranding is a constant process for all types of businesses and organizations. Often, constantly redefining a brand is the only way to engage new audiences and set yourself apart from other businesses in the same field. Large television networks are particularly sensitive to the power of branding, which is why ESPN College Football is unveiling a new brand for their college football franchise.

ESPN has a good reason to give college football its own distinct identity. First, it has recently acquired exclusive rights to the popular Bowl Championship Series, which is watched all over the United States. Second, the television network is known for professional branding and graphics, so failure to produce these in this situation would digress from the overall identity.

The new ESPN College Football identity will feature the theme ‘Mania’ and offer a series of quickly changing images that represent college football in the eyes of fans. At the center is a crest, with a metallic gold and rich red, both of which are colors with aggressive undertones. The crest, which definitely relates to colleges and college sports, is subtly filled with the image of a football. This crest will be featured prominently not just in the opening sequences of the BCS games, but in marketing materials and commercials as well.

As part of the overall redesign, ESPN College Football will have special visuals and opening sequences that change slightly throughout the college football season, coming to a finale with special graphics designed for each of the five BCS games.

‘Mania’ is an appropriate theme for the sentiment that many Americans feel about the highly competitive field of college football. As with all good rebranding schemes, the campaign will extend beyond visuals and represent a new way of approaching college football. Rather than showing restraint, ESPN College Football is going to approach college football with the same enthusiasm that the sport’s fans feel.

This new college football logo comes at a time when ESPN College Football is giving many of their existing television series new brands. For example, their college sports network, ESPN U, has also been given a new sports league logo, new graphics, and a new tagline—Never Graduate. These themes will resonate with college sports fans, many of whom are still holding on to loyalties from their own college years.

If you are thinking about having a new identity developed for your own small business, there are a few things to ask yourself. Is your current image working optimally for your business? Is your image dated or otherwise out of touch with the realities of your market? Are you willing to put in the energy it takes to have a new image designed and introduced to your customer case? These are all important things to consider before investing the time and money that rebranding requires and make sure not to make the top 5 rebranding mistakes.

Regardless of how you answered the above questions, the question of whether to rebrand can best be answered by you and your logo designer. If you wonder whether your identity and logo design are working for you, contact a logo design specialist today.