Envirofone Gets a New Logo


We’ve all noticed in the past six months or so that favourite recycled phone has a whole new logo design. However, how has this affected the company? Has the new logo been successful in boosting the brand to international prominence? Will the new logo design make a difference for this well known UK communications company.

The new logo came with a new goal: to take the company’s success in the UK and transplant it all over Europe, beginning in Sweden. The new logo came with a new television advertisement campaign featuring actors recruited from an online campaign. Produced by Gate Films, these advertisements will be shown throughout Europe with dubbing in different languages.

With a brand spreading across the continent, Envirofone felt the need to change its logo from the then-current one in bright, youthful orange to a fresher and cleaner one. Nor could there have been a better time for this image overhaul; obviously changing the logo after an international marketing campaign would be a poor decision.

The old logo was originally intended to be youthful and friendly. The rounded shapes and lower case letters combined with a youthful orange colour palette gave a friendly image. Although there was no green in the logo, the name made it clear that this company had an environmental edge.

The new logo design features a similar lower case font, although the lettering has been slightly changed for a crisper look. A square speech bubble encloses the second half of the name, which ties into the communications industry. The slightly angled E that begins the word has been kept the same to maintain some connection to the original brand.

The blue colour of the new logo design is cleaner, crisper, and more appealing to modern consumers. Many people are more concerned about the technological savvy of their phone than the youthful fun. The new logo has sharper edges, more square than rounded shapes, and an overall feeling of market dominance that will help Envirofone begin their continental takeover.

Further, the new logo has more potential for animations. The company has already been experimenting with moving the speech bubble around and changing colours in online animations. The logo also will work better with an expanded product line, which is in the company’s near future. The new products may use the same logo with a different shape of speech bubble and a different colour. This will create a series of cobranded products that are clearly related.

The UK communications marketplace is competitive and even a little crowded. However, the European market is less so. This makes the present a perfect time to break into the new market and seize a huge market share. Moreover, having a huge European presence will make it easier for the company to maintain and even increase their reputation in the UK. This new brand image will help Envirofone achieve their goal of maintaining their share of this market while branching out into brave new territory.