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After much research and brainstorming, our award winning branding team will create different design directions and concepts and present them to you in beautiful branding presentations so you can see how the designs interact in the real world and help you envision how each design would help make the right impact.


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Website Design

With a professional and stunning design and layout. The website will have a content management system which will enable you to edit the pages by yourself quite easily. You can also new pages when required and upload images or videos etc.

CMS will enable you to edit the pages by yourself quite easily. You can also new pages when required and upload images or videos etc.

Post articles and resources on industry related topics to establish your brand as an authority.

Includes product catalog, product details, shopping cart, check out, credit card gateway integration, inventory management, taxes, shipping, coupons and more.


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Corporate Identity Elements

Once the logo design is completed, we will create stunning matching identity design elements to enhance the look and feel of your brand.


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Brand Identity Elements

Secondary Brand Mark/Icon which can be used in places where the primary logo would be an over-kill. Examples could include: back of a business card, watermark on letterheads or envelopes, usage on t-shirts or uniforms, corporate stamps etc

Official Brand Pattern that can used for inside covers, backgrounds etc. Examples of pattern usage can be inside lining of apparel, lining of leather bags, lining of product packaging, package external boxes wall paper, office glass sticking, vehicle wraps and more.

Brand Style Guide with logo specs and usage guidelines including logo design specs, color palette and codes including PANTONE, HEX, RGB and CMYK, typography including primary and secondary fonts used, proper size of logo and space around logo, logo background usage, information about secondary icons, pattern etc


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Engineering Logos

Engineering of all types is a growing industry in the United States. However, many businesses struggle while others surge ahead in their field. Much of this disparity is due to differences in quality and differences in quality, but these are not the only factors for Engineering Logos. Often, the difference lies in the way the business presents itself, including its brand and logo design. Because this is a detail-oriented industry, customers expect that their branding is professional and attractive. This means that hiring a logo designer is essential for all businesses in this field.

Often, these identities are based on very simple shapes and minimalist style logos. This is because this is a field based on reducing difficult projects into simple, understandable forms. It is also due to the fact that shapes can invoke very powerful emotions in the people who view a logo, emotions that include trust, friendliness, and strength. If handled incorrectly, shapes in these identities can even bring up negative emotions, which is why it is so important to let a professional handle your identity creation.

Another important part of these identities is color. Use of Color in logo designs also invokes emotions both positive and negative. Many studies have shown that color plays a huge part in people’s perceptions and decision making, but this can be a positive thing in the hands of a professional. Whether you want a bright and splashy logo, a more subdued one, or even basic black and white, a logo designer is sure to be able to design a logo that is just perfect for you.

An important part of these logos is that they communicate information about your business, including your line of work and your specialty. Images can be appropriate, especially when your name doesn’t explicitly convey the line of work you are in. If you are in chemical engineering, images related to chemistry can be a good addition, while a civil engineer would have pictures of bridges or other civil works. Attractive logos can be designed for almost any niche market.

A last thing to consider when having your image designed is what kind of logo will work best with your brand. What is your business’s personal style? What kind of personality does it have? What are its values? A logo can form the basis for a brand, providing a color palette and visual aspects that can then be used throughout your business. Branding is not something that many businesses think about, but it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Because customers are trusting you with projects involving a great deal of time and investment, it is important that you present an image that is professional and established. Such firms are expected to create quality work with a high degree of technical skill and quality. These firms must communicate that you are worthy of this trust and capable of delivering. A logo designer can help you turn this vision into an attractive and enticing logo that will take your business to the next level.

Manufacturing Logos

Most people don’t think of manufacturing logo design as an appearance oriented business, but it is actually very much so. Customers and contractors are looking at your business to see whether you are the right choice for them. Unless they have prior experience with your company, the only way they can judge you is by your appearance. This means that the quality of manufacturing logos can make all the difference in a company’s success—or lack thereof.

What makes these logos successful or not so successful? There are a variety of ways to create a design that works, but there are definitely a few guidelines. Here are a few things that most successful designs have in common.

References to your industry in general. There are many different kinds of manufacturing, so your company probably has a specialty or niche. It’s important that your logo communicate this, whether it is through a relevant image, shape, tagline, or even your company name. These brands are most successful when people can tell at a glance what field you are in.

References to your business in particular. Depending on your name, this may not be possible. However, references to your name or your history can ensure that customers always associate your name and business with your logo. These identities using this startup strategy can be unique and even humorous, so use it when possible.

Use of shape for emotional marketing appeal. Most people don’t think of this as an emotional industry, but these logos nonetheless can invoke emotion in a subtle and effective way when shapes are used effectively. The square is a common shape used because it is solid and straightforward, like the industry. However, a triangle lends an image of strength that can also be beneficial. If you have questions about logos and shapes, talk to your logo designer.

An eye catching color scheme. This can be dictated by the industry you are in; for instance, industries relating to heat and fire often have logos with reds and oranges. Blue, on the other hand, is associated with water and cleanliness, which can both be positive images. One way of choosing color is to first decide on the emotions you want for people to feel when they think of your logo. Whatever the emotional appeal you desire, there is likely a color that can invoke it.

These identities come in a variety of shapes and colors, but the successful ones all have at least a few of these factors in common. However, there are no hard and fast rules. If you have any original and relevant ideas for making your logo the very best that it can be, don’t be afraid to share them with your logo designer. This collaboration between someone who knows your company best—you—and an experienced professional with experience designing logos for companies just like yours is a recipe for success that will give your business the advantage that it deserves.