Enclosed Emblem Style Logos


Enclosed logos can be categorized as several different kinds of corporate identity styles. Essentially enclosed logos consist of combined designs where all the element, text and graphics come together in one complete package. Anything from labels to signage to badges and seals would fall into this style. For many companies this type of design is a fantastic showcase what the brand is all about while at the same time are able to serve a practical purpose.

When it come to restaurants, an enclosed logo design style is an ideal choice. The structured  and compacted nature save on space needed for signage, while the distinct traditional appeal of the design convey a sense of experience and establishment. For our client The Tin Duck Tavern, this kind style seemed to perfectly fit with the traditional English pub theme they needed. Utilizing very traditional elements such as simple a banner and simple filigree, a distinctive duck icon was also created to sit a top the design. The overall design is successful in being able to carry across a hand made wood-cut look while maintaining a clean and professional appearance. Separating the text into different sections helps give the design sense of dimension while at the same time emphasizing on the most important wording.

Using the same of traditional style, Antonios Italian Bakery and Deli also came to us looking for design that could capture the old world feel but style portray modern design elements. Using different simple geometric shapes a kind of layered effect was created. Enclosed in the center is the text which brings the focus on the name Antonios. The addition of the chef’s hat and grains was also created to bring a sense of context to the image. The symmetry of the graphics, along with the geometric elements really capture the spirit of the company and create a successful design.

Often utilizing the shape and style of design from various points in history can really help to make and emotional connection to a companies market. By reinventing a classic design the brand itself will become distinctive from competitors who utilize the same cliched ideas. When the Africa Trading Company came to us, they were thinking about creating a modern style design to better match what they had seen as a trend in their industry. When we showed them what could be using the theme of 19th century labels it was clear that the identity would work very well. Using a style that reflected the kind of branding one would see in history books evokes images of steamships and steamer trunks loaded with exotic goods from around the world. Because the company was importing goods from Africa this was an ideal “hook” that would grab the intended market and create interest.

For Marquee films, the quest was to capture the same kind of emotional appeal and nostalgia while at the same time coming across a modern company. The name of the company alone invokes images of old theater signs lit up, without needing any imagery at all. Buy playing on the signage theme and enclosed logo design was a perfect fit. Using references to various theater Marques from the 1920s – 1940s a unique logo design was created. By keeping the elements simple and clean the overall design also showcases that the company is modern but recognizes the classic appeal of the golden age of film.

Besides creating enclosed logos that match sign and labels another very common use for the style is with circular logos. They can be called badges or seals by generally they follow a similar  structure, a centered iconic image with the text usually wrapped around. The biggest appeal from a practical standpoint is that circular designs are usually even in terms of height and width. Unlike the more common horizontal or vertical designs, a logo that can essential fit in a square shape is much more versatile as they create more design possibilities in areas like stationary and packaging.

When we created the concept for Pediatric we tried several different places for the text after we creates the unique building block graphic. The circular layout was an instant favorite because it really shows off the bright icon in the center while maintaining a professional and completed look. By utilizing the idea of splitting the circle in half and using two colors, the focus on the name could be maximized. It also enhances the visual impact of the design and adds a unique visual interest.

Circular “badge” logos can also act a way to convey the idea of being an authority or official without infringing on any legal issues. Often government agencies and departments will utilize circular designs or crests and as such the look of a circular enclosed logo can generate that same feeling. Solomon Kennel is a client that deals exclusively with pit bull breeding and training. Breeding that specific type of dog requires a lot of experience and know how. By utilizing a design that reflects the kind of professionalism and knowledge associated with the industry a sense of authority and experience is carried across to the viewer. The image itself is quite simple, using brush stroke style lines a dramatic icon of a pit bull face was created. The wide, bold font that wraps around the image and creates the enclosed design completes the design and enhances the impression of strength and stability. The overall design works well and is effective because all the elements perfectly match the kind of image that is associated with that industry while still keeping the design unique and original.

Enclosed logos are not always about creating a shape to fit around the text. For many enclosed designs the text is almost secondary to the imagery and is utilized in a way where the  name is fitted into an iconic image creating the enclosed design. A good example of this is the design for our client Fire Services Ltd. The traditional fire-fighters shield and banner are the immediate focal point while the inclusion of the name completes the design. Using a combination of bold reds and blacks a sense of depth was created. The effectiveness of the design come from the ability to form and instant relation in the mind of the viewer. The classic symbol instantly brings forth ideas of fire safety which grabs the attention of the viewer and draws them into the name.

Other times, the main imagery can be used to create the illusion of perspective. By carefully  adapting the text to fit that perspective a high visual impact can be created which enhance the interest of the design. When ever text is skewed and adjusted to fit into a shape the most important issue is the legibility. Often times trying to retain a 100% accuracy with regard to perspective will have to sacrificed in order to improve on the overall legibility of the logo. When creating a 3D logo design reminiscent of and old neon motel sign for our client of Rockin Fares it was important the a balance between accuracy and legibility was especially important because the design was going to be reproduces at a smaller scale on the internet. The overall theme of the design reflected a 1950’s rock ‘n roll feeling and utilizing a 3D shape helped greatly to create a unique design in an other wise heavily populated style. The company itself was in the travel industry and this is reflect with distinctive arrow shape of the image. The starburst shapes that surround the logo further enhance then theme and keep with the nostalgic style of the design.