Effective Logo Designing – First Impressions

By Mash Bonigala

Going to meet a prospective customer for the first time?

Keep it in mind: he/ she’s already framed an impression about your business establishment.

How do I know that? Why, he might have come across your business logo in the advertisements or in the company websites! And you don’t know what idea the logo has conveyed to the person who might turn out to be a worthwhile customer for your business!

An effective logo design is one that always creates a good first impression. It’s capable of gaining immediate customer recognition and helps to promote the positive image of the business. An impressive image is persuasive and informative in one.

So, first impressions are important an important factor when effective logo designing. Let’s see how important it is?

Number of recent studies has established that the instant decision that the viewers make with regard to a visual piece of communication holds a biased impact on their subconscious minds for long. In this super competitive industrial scenario, where hundreds of similar products scream for their customers’ attention, the companies have to take this “first- impression” factor rather seriously. If the first impression about your company is not favorable, visitors will not feel any urge to learn about your company further; on the other hand a favorable first impression may culminate into a lasting relationship.

And it is an effective LOGO DESIGN that makes for this first impression.

A customer comes across hundreds of advertisements in his daily recourse; unless the logo can arrest and engage the customer’s attention at least for a while, his eyes will jump to the ad of your rival company. The function of an effective logo is to trap the customer into a visual stance, so that the customers rate the overall message of the company from a favorable perspective.

To explain it from the psychological standpoint: this happens due to the ‘cognitive bias’ of the viewer. The phenomenon is simply related to common human psychology of jumping to conclusion.

Now coming to the most important part: what makes a logo so engaging to bring that all important first impression?

The logos become extremely engaging when they are able to evoke thought.

Every day we encounter hundreds and thousands of logos. Some of them come with a unique touch and become their company’s first chance to make a positive impression.

Here are the classical examples of some celebrated logos that have that rare ability of stun the audience at a first glance.

* The missing bite in the Apple Computer’s apple.
* The mountain-like three angular stripes in Adidas logo or the “swoosh” made famous by the Nike emblem.
* The multicolored peacock in the NBC logo.
* The white stripes in the blue IBM logo.
* he stylized font in Coca Cola and the blue, white and red earth in Pepsi co.
* The strategic arrow in the world famous FedEx logo.

The specialty of all these above mentioned logo design is: your eyes are just glued on the unique style of these logos sparking your curiosity about the company and its products..this is all about the first impression and this is the most important step in reaching out to and building up of a big clientele.