Education Logo Design

Client: Bright Methods Management Training

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Bristol, UK

Design Analysis: Bright Method is a provider of quality soft skills training throughout the UK. Solutions offered include management training, sales training, customer skills training, train the trainer and many more. Management training includes presentation skills training, negotiation skills training, interviewer skills and many more.

Management Training Logo Design

Bright Methods mission is to lead the way to improve training in the UK and enabling management to empower themselves through continuous self-improvement. To bring this mission to life and to represent it in the brand mark, we decided to take the torch as the icon and created a beautiful and stylized version with a vibrant and shiny, almost 3D like look and feel. This management training logo design icon gives the impression of fire and passion which is the message the client wanted to communicate with their visual identity.

Client: Great Minds Training Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Design Analysis: Great Minds Training Academy is an innovative think tank created to foster logic and deep though in youth. With a vision to introduce logic and analytic thought process into our education system right from the beginning, Great Minds Training is poised to catalyze a change in our education system.

great minds training logo design

To bring the grand vision to life, the talented brand identity design team at SpellBrand decided to create an abstract iconic logo mark that showed the human head and the brain. The result is a memorable logo with a side profile of a human face and the brain shown in an abstract manner. The bold outline of the face and the colors make for a stunning logo that creates a lot of impact and brand recall.

Client: Bright Beginnings Academy

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Design Analysis: Bright Beginnings Academy is a modern school modeled after the Japanese Kumon system – emphasizing mathematics and how it plays an important part in all other educational subjects. The vision of Bright Beginnings Academy is clear – to make mathematics the favorite subject of young children.

The logo we created for this academy is made up of two butterflies and a radiant abstract sun. The two butterflies represent the twin pillars of the academy’s mission – integrity and education and the radiant sun rays represent their vision of hope.

Creating a logo for an educational academy is quite challenging since it has to work well for not only the core audience – the parents of the children but must also be aligned with the kids themselves. Keeping the logo simple in such situations is the best strategy.

Client: Charis Montessori School

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: New York, NY

Design Analysis: Charis Montessori School is a modern Montessori school established in New York with a mission and vision unlike any other preschool in the state. Armed with a unique and new approach to starting education for toddlers, Charis has rev0lutionized preschool education.

The talented team at SpellBrand created a stunning looking logo design that works both as a fun piece of artwork as well as an emblem for the school. The logo has a beautiful, fun and vibrant icon which depicts a horizon with the sun beaming out, rolling hills, blue sky, and clouds to signify nature and knowledge. In the center is a heart shape to signify life.

The font treatment is also fun and vibrant with a crest like the layout.

Client: Parnassus Private Education Logo Design

Type Of Project: Logo Design

Client Location: London, UK

Parnassus provides expert consultancy for parents in the independent school system in the UK. They provide domestic and academic advice, ranging from  – helping parents to choose private schools and maximize their child’s chance of gaining a place – advising parents on how to organize their homes and their holidays to contribute to their child’s success – Offering tutoring and consultancy support for both parents and children.

Their customer base is high-net-worth individuals, many of them Russian, and so it’s essential that the brand has a premium feel. Inspiration was high end, austere-looking brands.

The talented creative team at SpellBrand matched the client’s expectations by creating an emblem like logo design that matches the elite target audience and gives the organization a look of heritage and trust. The beautiful and elegant icon shows a royal crown perched upon an open book surrounded by a wreath. The iconic logo is in the form of line art to give it simplicity and elegance.

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Education Institution Logos

Whether you are running a school, a tutoring institution, or anothereducation-oriented oriented company, having a robust brand is an important part of success. Education is big business in the United States, with many parents looking for a way to give their children an advantage in life. You need to be similarly vigilant about giving your education-related business an advantage.

The most common type of education logos are school based. In order for schools to be successful and attract the right type and number of pupils, they must be run like any other corporation, using marketing and branding to communicate information about their value and their place in the community. Education logos can also give the student body and faculty a sense of school spirit that leads to yet more community support. Parents appreciate knowing that the school that gets their hard-earned money is run by qualified professionals, which is another important value that a logo design can communicate. While the identity is essential for any school, it is particularly so for private schools which are dependent on tuition and donations.

Good branding is also necessary for companies that sell educational products and services. Parents, schools, and government agencies all want to buy products from a company that cares about the future of the students involved while offering a high level of quality in their goods. A logo certainly can communicate these and any other core values that you feel are important. Without a professionally designed identity, you are left to make your case without that all-important positive first impression.

If your company is involved in tutoring or another type of educational enrichment, branding is a particularly important component of success. No parent is going to entrust their child’s education to someone that they perceive as unprofessional or unable to provide results. Tutoring usually involves working with students who are struggling, which means that the stakes are simply too high for experimentation. Companies offering these services must offer a brand and a logo that assuages parents’ anxieties from the very beginning.

One last major category of company that needs effective logos is education oriented nonprofits and charities. Whatever the type of group you run, it is important to have a solid presence that inspired members of your community to donate money and time. Because you will be dealing with other professionals on a regular basis, you need to have the type of professional image that you can be proud of. We can create logos that are professional, memorable, and attractive are one powerful way of making your mark.