Editor Website – Impressive Resume and Great Design!

By Eva Alsis

Editor Website – It can be difficult to earn a living as a writer, editor, or indeed any freelancer. Having a well-designed website  and logo design is the first step toward building a personal brand that will build your career and earning power. The Three Penny Editor is a CSS website designed to do just this.

Website Reviewed: Three Penny Editor

Website URL: threepennyeditor.com

The website is created with images reminiscent of writing in past times. As you peruse the website, the pages are framed by an old-fashioned typewriter, with the information on what appears to be the paper in the machine. Dusty earth tones are the main colors, accentuated by pops of red. This website presents a brand that is classic and relevant to the field of editing, which is the main service being offered here.

Many people wonder if editing services are worth the expenditure. This website answers that question, with links to testimonials as well as completed books that have been published with the editor’s help. The editor is indeed the author of a book on editing, which in addition to her resume gives her a decidedly professional feeling. If you are instead wondering whether you can afford the services, the prices are spelled out in their own section. The writer logo is also quite interesting.

This website is a mix of form and function that presents its owner as a professional with years of relevant experience in the field. That is exactly what you need in order to kick-start your freelance career. You can easily get a sense not just of the writer’s abilities, but of her style as well.

Creativity: 5 stars. We love the color scheme and the old-timey writing elements. The earth tones make it easy to accentuate with color and also contribute to the brand. The mix of fonts—a typewritten Times New Roman and a clean, modern cursive—maintains the vintage feeling while adding a modern touch.

Ease of use: 4 stars. The website is very easy for potential customers to use due to good organization and logical placement of different elements. However, while there are testimonials and a ‘portfolio’ section with book covers of projects the editor has been involved with, there are no actual before and after samples, which is what we were expecting as a sample of editing. Many people do not understand how editing would refine their writing, so this would be an excellent addition.

Functionality:  5 stars. This is a highly functional website, with links to social media, a blog, and other necessary elements. It also puts in a plug for the editor’s new book, which can add to the potential profitability of the writing career while giving the editor a more established feeling. After all, most people trying to get published would rather deal with someone who has gotten there themselves.

Content: 5 stars. As we would expect from an editor and writer with such an impressive resume, the written content is outstanding.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website presents a unique brand that is definitely relevant to its purpose and the professional it represents.

Overall: 4.8 out of 5 stars