Eco-friendly UK Retailer Rebrands


Adili was a green online fashion retailer with a serious problem. With the company hemorrhaging money, it was time for a drastic change. Adili was struggling to keep up as an ecologically oriented online retailer in a market full of options. The problem was clear: while there are many people willing to pay well for products that don’t contradict their social and environmental values, somehow Adili’s message wasn’t getting through to them. Rebranding was the only way to get through to the target market.

The original Adili logo was simple but seemed to have all the elements of a winning brand. The lettering was thin and modern without serifs, while the gray and red colour scheme was modern. A tagline beneath the logo advertised the company’s true purpose: “your ethical life”. A dotted line added shape without the finality of a solid line. While the logo is promising, it simply did not produce the results that the company needed to succeed. After a short time at the drawing board, Adili revealed its new brand – Ascension.

The new logo is simpler and more memorable. Sharp angular letters are more reminiscent of a traditional fashion boutique than a green retailer. A black and white colour scheme adds to the fashion forward feeling. The new emphasis is on the products rather than the way they are made. The target audience has made a slight shift, from people looking for organic and fair trade garments to people looking for high style who consider ‘greenness’ another fringe benefit. However, the new boutique name refers to the high aims of the company: Ascension.

The newly rebranded company is contemplating a few other changes as well. Previously an internet-only shop, the UK retailer is considering opening a brick and mortar location where customers can peruse the offerings in person. This may actually bolster the internet business, as it will give people a chance to get to know the quality and materials offered by the store without making a cash investment. Many people enjoy touching and looking at products, and these people will be more interested in the newly revamped Ascension.

Marketers everywhere are proclaiming that green is the new black, but many eco-friendly retailers continue to struggle despite professional branding and superior products. Adili—errr, Ascension—will show in the future whether a green retailer under any other name can lure in the customers necessary to support a company’s ecological aspirations. The fate of Ascension remains unsure, but the new brand shows a lot of promise.

Adili is not just one company, but one of many companies that are in the exact same situation due to a difficult economy. If you have a small business that is slowly going under, what is the solution? Rebranding often gives a company a second chance as well as a new brand for customers to enjoy. Sometimes a brand, however well designed, simply does not work. Don’t let this be the death knoll for your company; get the professional help you need to build a new brand with a whole new potential for success.