E-What? E-How Gets New Logo Design


Ehow, the popular ‘how-to’ website, has had the same logo design for so long that many people will be shocked by the latest news from the internet giant. That’s right: the website will boast a new visual identity and logo design that is so different from the original, it will have you asking E-who? E-what?

Origami is one of the hottest trends in logo design, but it is one motif that is hard to pull off effectively. The whole point is that the logo look like folded paper art, but it should not be distracting from other elements of the brand. Further, origami motif should make sense in the context of the brand.

eHow is a website with a brand that makes sense with origami. First, it is a ‘how-to’ sort of website with millions of hits per month, mainly from Google and other search engines. Second, it is a modern type of business, which makes this modern design motif make sense. The color is very attention getting and bright, while the use of the origami motif only for the word ‘How’ sets it apart from the less important ‘E’.

However, the origami logo design, on second glance at least, seems a little forced. This may be due to the rounded letters of the word. The H has multiple folds, but the O and the W have just one each, and the fold on the O feels a little random. Despite this, we really like the logo design.

Further, this logo is a much better representative of the brand than the former one was. Blue and black is a little cliché and does nothing to grab attention—or the imagination. The logotype feels like a stock job, and the checkmark makes little sense in the context of the brand. The new logo may be imperfect, but it is a definite improvement.

With 2 million articles that are viewed by 80 million unique users every month, eHow needed a logo design that reflected their growth and change over the past 12 years of existence. In fact, the logo design is not the only change that the corporation is adopting. The entire website will be overhauled to feel more professional and attractive, while articles will now have helpfulness ratings that allow users to rate the articles they read and also to choose how-to articles that others have found useful. In addition, the categories are being re-developed so they are easier to navigate.

One major change for eHow over the past decade-plus is the increase in competition. Many competitor website have sprung up, offering a similar model. This makes branding crucial for the business. Their visual elements must show people why they should choose eHow over everyone else. This logo design will likely be an asset.

Is your business struggling to deal with competition, maintain or build its brand, and remain customer friendly? This is a good example of rebranding done right. You can achieve the same effect for your own small business if you consult with a professional logo designer or branding expert.