Dyson Begins Marketing Push


How do you proceed when you want to expand your company? As larger companies know well, the first step is to work on marketing and branding. Only when these aspects have been thoroughly honed can a company move on to rapid and sustained growth.

Dyson is one large company that is aware of how to make growth work. With decades of success in both the UK and the international markets, it is hard to question the business prowess of the minds behind this well recognized name. The Dyson brand is strong as well, a British classic that is recognized all over the world. Dyson is a marketing success, and it intends to stay so by hiring fifteen new marketers to prepare for an expansion in production.

Dyson is not just expanding; it is expanding in a way that unprecedented for the company, doubling its in-house engineers to 700. This will mean not just increased production, but a complete restructuring of the company. This expansion follows the success of the Air Multiplier bladeless fans, which were introduced last year and have had an encouraging level of success.

Doubling the amount of engineers means more new products to tell the public about, which is the reason for the marketing expansion within the company. Before expanding a brand, however, it is important to be sure that the parent brand is as strong as it can be.

Will this marketing push means changes to the overall Dyson brand and appearance? So far, it appears that the company will remain true to the brand and logo design that has made them a UK classic. The logo design is simply the company name written in simple, rounded lower case writing. The result is a very friendly logo, one that seems almost two friendly for a brand that is a technological leader. However, the style was well chosen.

Dyson has never needed to advertise the quality and uniqueness of their products; word of mouth has done this for them. The key to success for this brand has been to make their sophisticated technologies appear a little more approachable and friendly to the everyday UK shopper. The logo design does a great job of putting forth this message.

What can we all learn from this company? First, that growth is most effective when it is planned for in advance. If you want for your company to expand, the first step is to talk to a branding and logo design consultant about how to get your brand ready for the transition. Second, that a logo design can be a central part of a brand.

Would Dyson enjoy the same success if they had a logo that was second rate? Luckily for the company, they will never need to find out. Last, that marketing is as important as consultants claim. Even a company like Dyson, that has made millions of dollars from sales created by word of mouth advertising, invests in marketing. There is no way to get that buzz started without an upfront investment in branding and marketing. If you are ready for your company to grow, talk to a UK logo design and branding consultant today.