Dreams UK Brand Success Story


Sweet Branding Dreams: Dreams is a UK business success story. This company started from almost nothing in 1985 and now is a giant in the furniture industry, with more than 150 stores in the UK and franchising on the horizon. However, it was not always this easy for owner Mike Clare.

Franchising your business is a dream for many UK business owners—all the pay and much less work. However, it is a long and hard road to build your brand to the point where it is worth paying money for. Mike Clare learned how to build his brand through life experience. First, he worked for a furniture retailer, getting promoted to management. However, when his family began growing, he knew financial security could only be found in owning his own business.

Initially he started a sofabed business, but he quickly branched out into beds themselves. This proved so successful that he renamed his business Dreams and focused entirely on providing sweet dreams for the people of the UK.

Dreams has a logo design that promises a restful night’s sleep. A calming dark blue reminiscent of the night sky fills the background. The writing itself is plain, but the details of this logo design steal the show. A half moon is gracefully tucked in a capital D and a silky wave underlines the word. It should be noted that these accents are in a feminine pastel hue, which is significant as women are the primary shoppers for furniture logo and beds.

Excellent service is another integral part of the brand. Not only are salespeople trained to deliver better than average customer service, and paid a little more to compensate for this higher level of knowledge, the company goes out of its way to show they care about the customer experience. The most talked-about part of this service plan is the well-known Dreams slippers. When a Dreams bed is delivered in inclement weather, the delivery man will don special slippers to avoid tracking mud and dirt into the home. Although this is a small inexpensive gesture for the company, it pleases the customers and immensely and builds positive buzz.

The Dreams brand is stronger than ever, which is why Mike Clare is in the initial stages of turning his homegrown business into an international franchise. His business model combined with a focus on branding and high customer service is an equation that seems to equal success. Many people around the world would love to purchase a piece of this winning combination. Whether the Dreams brand can be translated effectively into another culture remains to be seen, but it certainly has won over the UK.

Few bedrooms or furniture businesses focus on branding and logo design, but as you see, they are both an integral part of finding success in the world of business. If you want to see your own small business grow without bounds, your first step should be to have a professional brand and logo design developed by expert consultants. This will make sure your business has a foundation that can serve as a springboard to success.