Dragon-Wolf-Serpent Becomes the Image of a Company

By Mash Bonigala

Bitdefender is one of the leading antivirus companies on the globe, although you would never know it from its software logo design. It is well-rounded and popular both in corporations and home computers because it offers superior protection. However, having a professional brand certainly never hurts anything. In fact, until recently at least, very few people really noticed this company even if they used it. That is certainly no way to build a brand.

The former logo design was one of the reasons that the brand is not very well-known despite dominating the industry. Bitdefender’s logo featured the name in lower case, italicized lettering. Many aspects of the logo simply don’t make sense. For instance, the capital E’s in the middle of lower case lettering; who thought of that? The image is ambiguous and looks a bit like spider legs smashed into a circle for an added hint of style. As outlandish as that sounds, it is difficult to come up with a more plausible interpretation.

The new logo design is still unorthodox, but it is more attractive and makes a little more sense. First, the font is more appropriate, a bespoke type with pointed serifs that are definitely edgy. The capitalization makes sense, making the entire design easier to look at. The same basic color palette is used, but it has been modernized to include a darker, more soothing red. The image is that of the Dacian Dragon-wolf, a serpent-like creature that hails from Romania, where the company began. The Dacian people traditionally believed that this animal was their defender and that it was pretty much unbeatable. After all, when was the last time you went up to battle a dragon-wolf and didn’t run away? Be honest.

The new image is humorous, but it is memorable and certainly relevant both in meaning and in historic significance. Do you want an invincible dragon-wolf guarding your computer from viruses and spam? I know I do.

Moreover, the new logo design is simply more attractive. I think that the unattractiveness of the old one was the main issue with company recognition. Studies have found that people look longer at attractive faces and pictures; it would only stand to reason that we look away from less pleasant images and perhaps make a subconscious effort not to remember them. That can be a real downer if your company logo design is the one being ignored!

The only downside to the new logo design is that most people will not automatically associate the image with the Dacian Dragon-Wolf. The company will have to invest some time and effort into publicizing the meaning behind this image, but I think it will definitely pay off. The image had my attention long enough that I can remember it. The story behind it is just outlandish enough to be interesting and yet not so exotic as to be silly. It’s an interesting angle that will set the company apart from the competition and make it more memorable in a world where brand recognition is everything.