Dow Chemicals and Games

By Mash Bonigala

Even chemical companies need to build a brand; if anything, they need to market themselves more because people tend to view them with suspicion. After all, chemicals get a lot of bad press: polluting the environment, ruining health, and generally destroying the integrity of our daily lives. We are not saying that Dow chemicals are any of these things, merely pointing out the negative perception that chemical companies must overcome in order to be successful.

The 2012 London Olympic Games have so many sponsors that it is almost impossible to list them all. The latest of these is Dow Chemical, a global sponsor of the Games. Dow is paying £6 million for the rights to create and display fabric panels on the Olympic Stadium that will be present until the opening of the Games. As seen in these pictures, this will include 336 separate panels that are 2.5 metres in width and 25 metres in height. This is an immense amount of money for advertising that will be used for only a few months.

The panels will need to be removed and replaced before the Games because with International Olympic Committee has ruled that the Olympic venues themselves not have any advertising, even from official sponsors, during the actual event. This is somewhat ironic considering that the IOC is also getting cash from Dow as part of this deal.

Although the stadium was designed to have these fabric panels, officials had feared that they would not be able to afford them. This created some outcry because the design was clearly intended to have the decorative elements. Without these panels, the stadium looks rather bare due to its simplistic design. The fabric also helps to block the sun and wind, and they may have some directional signs on them to help athletes and viewers find their destination. The sponsorship from Dow will fund the panels to be used during the Games, ensuring that the stadium looks top notch when the Games begin.

The panels were originally going to have images projected on them by lasers. This plan also has been changed. Once the Games begin, they will be simple fabric. The exact colours and designs for them are still being planned. Because the stadium is the centrepiece of the Olympic Complex, it is important that that it be as attractive as possible. The panels will be made of a polyethylene and polyester blend that is supposed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Government says that the panels will be used again after the Olympics, but they have not released exactly in what capacity this will occur.

The London 2012 Olympic Games have been expensive for the UK Government, but they have been a marketing extravaganza for many brands. In addition, they will boost the UK economy by bringing a huge wave of tourists to our country. It is important that all retailers in the UK take advantage of Olympic fever in some way; this is a branding opportunity that no one can afford to ignore.