Don Q Rum Website Review


Don Q Rum is an attractive and functional website dedicated to the rum of the same name. Because the brand is noticeably named after the well known literary seducer Don Quixote, we entered the website expecting to see a romantic and gently old-fashioned site with a few features to help set this brand of rum apart from the many competitors.

Website Reviewed:

The website gets formalities out of the way first, ensuring that the user is of legal drinking age. Then, a page opens with a charcoal gray background, turquoise writing, and information about the history behind the rum. This seems to be a little too modern for the brand, lacking the romance associated with older alcohols and the figure this one is named for. However, the site improves as you scroll down, with a “LadyData” section offering romantic advice, recipes, and more. While the color palette is a little too modern for the industry, the information is modern and fresh enough to go with it.

Different lines of rum are highlighted throughout the recipes, and you can also learn about the different processes for making each. In short, while we disagree with the color scheme and fonts used, all of the necessary information is here. Customers will leave with an understanding of the products made by this company and an idea of how they can use them in their own day to day lives. The website is well designed and surprisingly easy to navigate considering the huge amount of information contained here.

Here are a few other details:

Creativity: 3 stars. This is the area where the website really falls short. More ornate writing and visuals would have matched the brand implied by the name and added to the sense of history that the brand is clearly trying to create.

Ease of use: 5 stars. It’s hard to see how this site could be easier to navigate! With tabs at the top and at intervals throughout the page, it is easy to locate the information you are looking for quickly.

Functionality: 4 stars. Contact information at the bottom of the homepage gives several different options, from Twitter to email to several different social networking sites. This is clearly a brand that wants to build a relationship with their customer base! It would be even better if there was a tab at the top of the homepage taking customers directly to this information. Never make your customer work to connect with you—you’ll lose too many people in the process.

Content: 5 stars. The text is professionally written and explains different aspects of the site well. We enjoyed reading about different processes and actually got a little caught up in it.

Appropriateness: 4 stars. As we said before, this site could be improved by paying a little more attention to branding. Is a modern font and a cool blue and gray color palette right for this product? We don’t think so.

Overall: 4.2 stars. Except for a few small issues, this website is a great example of how to fit a lot of different information into one site and still maintain a sense of organization and simplicity.