Does Your Ecommerce Website Need Video

By Eva Alsis

The word ‘revolution’ gets thrown around a lot in the e-commerce world, but don’t let that stop you from taking the following statement seriously: Video is going to revolutionize the e-commerce world. Already we are seeing a lot of e-commerce websites both large and small incorporate video in their businesses. If you are not already using video as an e-commerce tool, here are a few reasons that you should start.

It’s cheap. There was a time when producing, editing, and posting video required a lot of special software and special knowledge. This is no longer the case. Equipment is cheap, and there is a variety of WYSIWYG editing software that is highly affordable, even on the smallest marketing budget. YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites are easy to use and completely free hosts. Now that we have gotten your objections out of the way, here are just a few of the long list of benefits.

Video improves your SEO. A recent study from Forrester found that a video—any video—has a fifty times greater chance of appearing on the first page of search results. Google may be the number one search engine, but YouTube is the reigning number two. You are hobbling your e-commerce website’s search engine optimization by not having a few videos.

Video is appealing. Why are people so hooked on television and film? We love video! It is the easiest way to gain new information. It is interesting and engaging in a way that text simply is not. You can use video to give tutorials, show product features, explain the buying process, and so much more. To put it simply, anything you can do in the text can be done better in video. The open rate on a video newsletter is two to three times more likely to be opened than a text one.

Video helps build your brand. Do you know who Steve Jobs is? Apple loyalists could pick him out of a lineup even though few of them have met him in person. He is a huge part of the Apple brand because of the many videos in which he is a major player. You can do the same for your brand—make it more personal and give it a face—by creating videos with yourself and your employees as the stars.

Videos are fun to share. This is the principle behind viral videos—we love to watch them, email them, and like them on Facebook. A study found that videos are more likely to be liked on Facebook than text. This means that more people will be exposed to your brand and your e-commerce website.

Videos build loyalty. Back to the Apple example: would the company enjoy its cult following without a well-known and likeable leader? People love to do business with a company that has a face; it duplicates the in-person buying experience.

Syndication makes it easy to share. You don’t have to pick a favorite here. You can spread video around liberally thanks to the huge number of online hosting websites. It’s easy to accomplish—just a few minutes of your time—and increases impact exponentially.