Does Your Brand Need to Reach Bloggers?

By Mash Bonigala

Word of mouth is the most important type of marketing in the new millennium. Bloggers can be an essential part of this equation, because they have high credibility with a relatively large UK audience. This makes connecting with bloggers an essential part of creating word of mouth for brands and exposure for the company’s logo design, but many UK brands struggle to effectively to make that connection.

Blogging has already become a massive and somewhat baffling part of the fashion business. Brands reign supreme in this industry, and the people influencing the latest trends are not magazine editors and celebrities, but bloggers. This became obvious during this year’s fashion shows, when fashion bloggers such as 14 year-old Tavi Gevinson, were given front row seats at the expense of established names in fashion magazine publishing.

Connecting with well-read UK bloggers such as young Miss Gevinson is one of the growing challenges of brands in every industry. With tens of millions of people writing blogs in the UK, it can be difficult to identify the ones who are the leaders in their field. Once these star bloggers are identified, persuading them to give you a good report and feature your products and logo design in a post. can be even more difficult. Here are a few tips for getting the blog acclaim that can make all the difference in the future of your brand.

1. Build long-term relationships. It is no secret that bloggers can hold the key to success for companies. The best-known bloggers are inundated with press releases and product samples, to the point that it can be impossible to focus on each one. Because of this, it is crucial to not just approach them once, but to develop a long-term relationship with key members of the blogging community. Put in the effort to create back-and-forth dialog, and keep wooing the same people. This will help you stand out and increase the chances that the blogger becomes a vocal, long-term fan of your company.

2. Put your best foot forward. A blogger can ruin your reputation as quickly as they can build it. Make sure they see the best that your company has to offer, whether it is product samples or press releases. Stay with your brand identity and include high quality image files that include your logo design. Because most UK blogs are not sponsored, the author has no reason to give anything less than an honest opinion, even if it happens to be scathing.

3. Act like a reader, not a sponsor. Bloggers are acutely aware of the fact that their credibility is key to their popularity. Because of this, they tend to turn down acutely commercial approaches. However, if you study their blog and give them a personalized communication, you have a better chance of getting the publicity that you are seeking. Get to know what the blog is about, and then send the author a note praising their work and suggesting that they and their readers might enjoy your products. This way, the writer doesn’t feel that talking about your brand would be ‘selling out’.