Does the Brand Make the Business?


What can a winning brand do for a business? If your business has a unique and inviting brand, and actually delivers on what this brand promises, this alone can rocket your business to success. One new Manhattan bakery is showing how true this is.

While many new entrepreneurs struggle to come up with a unique and clever name, this business has a rather simple one: The Best Chocolate Cake in the World. This bakery is a new addition to the United States market, although it has six locations in its native Brazil. This name has contributed greatly to the company’s success and surely will do so in the future as well.

This name was unique enough to inspire a line down the street during the establishment’s opening weekend, when local foodies devoured a total of four hundred cakes. It also earned significant media attention from small blogs to giants such as The New York Times.

This name did not come from nowhere; it is the owner’s honest assessment of the quality of the flagship product. The cake was invented by Chef Carlos Braz Lopes while trying to duplicate a cake he ate in Paris. The cake became famous in his restaurant in Brazil, where chocoholics proclaimed it the world’s best chocolate cake. He soon opened a bakery with this unique name.

The owner of the American bakery is a good friend of Chef Carlos who worked in investment banking. His familiarity with global business led him to think that this brand and the product it represents would work well in New York City. When the store was getting ready to open, the owners contacted the press. This combined with the bakery’s high traffic location led to a huge amount of buzz. By the time the shop opened, people were chomping at the bit to try a piece of this highly rated pastry. Luckily, the cake didn’t disappoint.

For now, the simple power of this brand will be the company’s sole marketing tool, as the owners don’t plan to invest money in advertising unless and until it becomes necessary. This method worked well in Brazil, and they are hoping it will be successful here. With such a talked-about company, this may actually be a good and incredibly frugal long-term strategy.

If your business is floundering, your brand could be the problem. A brand should lure people into your store. It should make a promise that is enticing and offer to solve a problem for your customers. Once you have a brand, you should next have a logo design created that expresses this brand and creates a sense of wholeness in your business. This alone can successfully take a business from zero to success.

If you are interested in getting a meaningful, highly intriguing brand such as The Best Chocolate Cake in the World Bakery has, don’t be afraid to invest in your own future. Contact a branding and logo design consultant and see how you too can garner media attention and have customers queuing up around the block to try your latest product.