Does My Business Need a Website?


As a business owner, you have probably asked yourself this question. A website design seems like an excellent marketing tool, but many people wonder if the effort and expense are worth the reward. Here are a few things to think about when deciding whether you need a website to help promote your business.

  • Do I need an online presence?

    Consider the prominence of the internet in modern lives. 500 million people all over the world are on the net, which means that you can reach more customers there than in any storefront. Even if you are a local business with no interest in expanding, your customers are likely dealing with a variety of online retailers. Why not yours?

  • Do I need to network?

    If you are a business owner, you can likely learn a lot from other people in your industry. Further, you may want to make connections with suppliers, customers, and a variety of people within your community. Think of a website as a large brochure that you never have to re-print. You can direct people to this website, from whence they can find out more about your company, contact you, and generally interact with your brand without any effort on your fault.

  • Do my customers need more information?

    As stated before, customers may need information about your company and your products. Your website is the likely place to look for information such as store hours, types of products, return policies, and phone numbers. This is also the place to post your product specifics and to give your customers instructions on how to make your products part of their lives.

  • Do my customers need 24/7 customer support?

    You can post information and FAQ’s on using your products on the internet, but this is not all. You can also offer 24/7 support, often by email support from you or an employee. If you have a larger business, paying someone to chat live with customers may pay off, as customers more and more expect this kind of service from companies of all sizes.  Another feature that is related is the ability to get feedback. Wouldn’t you prefer that customers who have a negative feeling about your company turn to you? With a company website, they can.

  • Can I sell more products on the internet?

    In many cases, you will be surprised by how many people, even local ones, are interested in buying from companies like yours on the internet. Offering a variety of services and goods on the internet as well as a few perks like local delivery can make you an institution in your community without crowding your storefront.

  • Do I benefit from a technologically savvy image?

    If you are running a business in an industry in which having a technologically savvy image is simply unimportant, then a website may be overkill. However, many people are trying to look as competent as possible in these areas to impress customers and colleagues. Having a website is no longer impressive, but it is almost a necessity for reaching audiences such as young adults.