Does Google Wave Logo Move You?


Google’s Wave, the latest communication system, may seem revolutionary, although it is merely a combination of email and instant messages. This Google logo, similarly, is a combination of recognizable brand elements and entirely new images. But will the Wave brand have the desired effect on Google loyalists and other people looking for new communications tools? That is the question I intend to answer.

There are a few elements in the Google Wave Logo that are distinctly part of the brand, seamlessly tying it in to the parent company. First, the recognizable color palette is used here. Second, the image is 3-D, which is common in logos for different products. When the name of the program is used along with the image, it is written in the recognizable Google font. Last, as with all their identities, this one is extremely simple despite the many design elements that comprise it.

The element of colorful simplicity is an essential part of the brand, and this Google Wave Logo fits in well despite being a little more trendy and complicated than one typically sees in the company’s logos. The company as a whole prides itself on offering user friendly solutions with a hint of childish fun. This Google Wave Logo continues to make that all important brand promise.

The wave is not just associated with communication, it also is used in graphic design to signify change and positive movement. This makes the wave an appropriate name for this software as well as an appropriate image for this Google Wave Logo design. Once again, the company has managed to create a brand that is seamlessly integrated with its products and image.

Not only does the Wave logo fit in with this brand, it stands capably on its own as well. The way the wave, which refers to the name, also is in the shape of the program’s initial is nothing short of brilliant. This comes off feeling well executed instead of forced. While many 3-D logos are overly complicated and difficult to render in a variety of sizes and situations, this one is simple and memorable. The design works well in black and white and even in two dimensions, retaining a recognizable shape and scale. Versatility is one of the hallmarks of good logo design—think of well known brands such as Nike and Apple.

In the world of logo design, familiarity breeds recognition and brand loyalty. This is why it is so important for a brand to have a logo design that is simple and effective, yet capable of being used in a variety of formats. If a design is not scalable, it will not be recognizable in very small and very large sizes (which make up a higher percentage of marketing opportunities than you would initially think). If it does not look good without color, then black and white formats will be out of the question. If you think your logo needs to be modified to have the versatility you require for success in the modern business world, talk to a logo designer today.