Dodge Viper Logo Takes New Angle


While Dodge has yet to officially release the new logo design (or the actual car design) for their popular sports car, the Viper, enthusiasts have already seen both designs and are already weighing in. Dodge displayed this new logo at the 11th Annual Viper Club of America Owner’s meeting, with the car kept in a high security, no camera area. This logo is supposed to represent the new feeling of the sports car.

The old logo design featured the viper for which the car is named, facing forward and placed inside a shield shape that is used in several other Dodge products. The new car logo features the same snake and shield, but with a different feeling. The snake is angled to the side with fangs bared and appears ready to strike. Although it does not look directly at the viewer, it clearly is on the defensive. The two red diagonal lines that comprise the new Dodge logo sit behind this shield. The snake’s long body appears to be coiled around the Dodge logo, which ties the two images together seamlessly.

This new auto design comes along with a general redesign of the iconic car. The car has not been photographed or publically released to build up excitement for its likely unveiling at the Detroit car show, but the select group of people who have seen it report that it has been modified not just in design, but in character as well. While it is maintaining its aggressive feeling, the car has been made more curvy and modern, with lines that echo this general feeling.

The rumor is that Dodge plans to release this new edition of the Viper before ultimately stopping production. In other words, they want to go out while on top, which is unusual in car world and sure to help build an iconic brand even further. A logo redesign at this point is more than called for. Will this car company logo represent a newer car and the legacy that the company plans to leave behind? At this point, only people who have seen the car can weigh in on the issue.

While many people focus on the motor logo design elements that were changed, it should be noted that most of the design remains the same. The shield shape is the same, to continue presenting Viper as an undeniably Dodge product. The snake is the same, which is an important part of the brand and perhaps even the cornerstone of it. This logo design seems to be similar enough to the old one to maintain continuity for the current brand enthusiasts, while changing slightly to represent a new and improved product.

What do you think about the logo? While many people feel that it looks more formidable and scary—as a poisonous snake or a car named after one should—others think that it is more cartoony and childish. Whether it is a greater success than its predecessor will remain to be seen.