Do You Yodel?


If you don’t already yodel, you just might be trying it soon. Well known UK delivery service Home Delivery Network recently purchased DHL Express and will merge the two companies into one brand under the name Yodel. This merger will make Yodel the UK’s largest delivery service outside of the Royal Mail.

In this case, Yodel does not refer to a warbling song from the Alps. It is an abbreviated version of the company’s new strapline, “Your delivery, your call.” Although this name seems to have little to do with home delivery (unless you know the story behind it), it is fun enough to attract attention and make people in the UK feel good about doing business with a new brand. It is reminiscent of other fun but somewhat nonsensical company names such as Yahoo, and different from anything else in this industry.

The logo design and visual branding is revolutionary for the field of home delivery. Yodel retains the signature lime green of Home Delivery Network, but stands on its own with bold letters and no other images. The brand may not seem unique at first glance, but it will be easy to spot in a business where most logos are very different. With most delivery brands, company names are functional and involve either initials or words related to the industry. In a world of big brown trucks blocking our streets, a bright green one doing the same will surely attract attention.

According to the company, the new brand promise is ‘Take it personally’. This means that every employee will take the customer’s happiness personally and go the extra mile to ensure success. Because the brand images are much more personal and fun than those of the competition, they certainly seem to support the brand promise, which is an important part of any brand. The general feeling is that a company named Yodel must be about more than moving parcels around the UK.

However, it should be noted that having a brand that is not typical of one’s industry can be a drawback as well as an advantage. Customers may at first have a hard time figuring out what industry Yodel is serving. Also, while bright colours and modern sans serif writing are uncommon in parcel delivery, they are nonetheless trendy in modern logos and in the general graphic design industry. While this logo design looks fun and different now, it may look dated and inappropriate in a few years. Also, few people will associate the name with the strapline. The company may need to introduce itself with an advertising campaign designed to explain certain elements of the brand.

Will Yodel be as popular as predicted? So far, it certainly seems so. The company has contracts with big names such as Argos and Amazon, which will help people in the UK get used to associating these big green vans with their industry. While only time can tell how this brand and logo design will age, it is easy to see the company getting off to a great start.