Do You Need a UK Logo Designer?

By Mash Bonigala

When small business owners in the UK are looking for a logo design, cost is an important consideration. Of course everyone wants to get the best logo that money can buy, but funds are very limited in the early days of a company. Many British business owners wonder whether they can get more value by using one of the many logo design agencies on the internet. The place where these companies and their designers are located seems irrelevant; after all, good design is universal, right?

This brings up an important question. Is there a real difference between UK logo design and that of other nations? I think that there is. Every market is unique, with sensibilities and aesthetic tastes that must be considered when developing a logo design. As an example of this principle, I thought it would be interesting to look at a few logos that are owned by the same parent company yet marketed to different audiences, in this case Spain and the UK. This can show us whether market makes a difference in the type of logo that is required.

The UK company Associated British Foods bought a Spanish company, Azucarera in 2011. This is Spain’s leading producer of sugar. The former logo design featured the name written in red letters with Latin flairs, with a golden flourish. The new logo design incorporates the two colours into the writing itself and uses a more flowing font. A strapline has been added as well, which translates roughly as “life tastes better.”

This logo design is warm and colourful, reminiscent of sunshine. However, it is very different from another sugar brand owned by the same company: AB Sugar.

AB Sugar also uses the sun in its logo design; because sugar is grown in warm climates, this is an association that transcends culture. However, it contains this sun in a small box and renders it in rays of cool colour. The name of the company is written in shades of blue. Blue is a common colour used in sugar logos in the UK because it feels clean and trustworthy. While the Spanish market responds better to the warm colours seen in the Azucarera logo design, the British market prefers a very different feeling. In addition, the fonts are different as well; the AB Sugar font is simple and blocky, giving a feeling of seriousness that we associate with staple foods.

One logo design is not better than the other; the important differences between the two are due to differences in the audiences. Every region has specific preferences that must be considered when designing a logo. The Spanish logo design in this case was designed by a Spanish logo design agency, while the UK oriented one was designed by a UK logo design agency. This is important because a local designer will innately understand the sensibilities of a region.