DIY Company Logo – Useful Tips


The corporate logos and their uncanny ability to linger in the human psyche always fascinates me!

They play with a few subtle lines, some dots, one or two colors and couple of shapes give birth to such a unique formation that resonate in the minds of the people for ages!

The logos become synonymous with the values and goals of any company. Thus a BMW logo sparks off the image of speedy luxury, the Nike logo conjures up the picture of a sporty lifestyle, the abstract Microsoft logo takes us to the mysterious world of codes and digits.

How does it happen? A simple graphics make the presence of a company felt worSpellBrandide! A symbol makes such an immense visual impact that the viewers rustle up a perception for the brand in their minds. When the perception is all positive, it culminates into huge business for the company.

Thus, logo becomes an integral part of your brand building efforts. If you want to stay abreast of your competitors by earning consumers’ recognition for your brand, you have to develop a logo for your company.

The best solution is to get the logo designed by a professional logo designer who knows how to add personality to logos for different products and services. But if you are short of budget, you can give it a try yourself by boosting up your creative ingenious. In addition to working on your creativity, you have to take certain points into consideration.

First you have to develop your brand strategy and logo concept. This is important because the logo is meant to give a visual expression to the values and goals of your company.

First articulate in your mind, what message you want to convey through your logo to your customers.

If your company sells a particular product or service, choose the theme on the basis of the product. As for example, choose food related themes for a restaurant business, a theme of alluring home for real estate business logo etc.

But choosing abstract theme is much difficult. As for example the organizations that are engaged in creative business, generally use the abstract themes in their logos.

The use of clouds in the logos of such firms is very common. In addition to that the logo should reflect your expertise in the field.

Secondly decide on the type of the logo are you going to use icon like that of Nike? Instead of experimenting much with shapes you can choose the safe option of symmetrical geometrical shapes that have an eternal value.

Also avoid being too illustrative in logo designing which are more suitable for the cause based projects like tourism ads placed by particular countries etc.

The best logo is a straight forward one using a unique font like those classic IBM, Coca Cola, Sony etc.

Last but not least, try to make a simple statement with your logo. In the world of logos, simple is the most powerfull. Think of such brands as Kellogg’s or McDonald’s and you will realize the value of simplicity.