Diving in Red Sea Website


This website should get an award, like an award winning logo design, for being as direct as humanly possible. Do you dream of diving in the Red Sea? If so, Diving in Red Sea is probably the right site for you.

There is an obvious grammatical error in the name of the website, but this may be for search engine optimization purposes. Regardless, the site is otherwise excellent.  The entry page takes you immediately under the sea, to a beautiful ocean floor scene with sea life and gently flowing clear blue water. This perhaps is what sets the website apart most dramatically: lifelike, visual beauty.

The website is intuitively designed as well—to a point. Several buttons at the top of the page allow you to access the information you need, although these pages are not as well organized as they could be. More page divisions and clearer headings would be a real benefit to this website. For example, if you click on ‘The Red Sea’, you find basic FAQ’s about scuba diving as well as links to the site’s Facebook page. There is certainly room for improvement here.

One consideration here is dress code. While Egypt certainly appears to be a beautiful place for scuba diving, many people may be concerned that they will offend the more conservative residents of the country by wearing form fitting scuba attire. Including information about this in the FAQs would convince many Western scuba divers to consider a vacation to the region.

There are a few organizational errors and more than a few grammatical errors, but the beauty and interesting set up of Diving in Red Sea make it a beautiful place to visit and an interesting site to poke around. Here is what we think about it overall:

Creativity: 5 stars. There are a lot of creative touches ad the website is certainly beautiful. While there is room for improvement in other areas, creativity is one area where this website truly shines.

Ease of use: 3 stars. Placing the necessary information under headers is a great idea for any website. However, the web pages are too long and contain too much information with little organization.

Functionality: 5 stars. There are links to the Facebook website as well as to other relevant websites. The website is clearly still being developed, but it seems to aspire to being an information hub for this region’s underwater recreational activities.

Content: 3 stars. There is a wealth of information here. However, while the information is certainly understandable, the copy is one area that really needs improvement. Whoever wrote it does not speak English fluently, and the grammatical errors are distracting while reducing the professional feeling of an otherwise well designed website.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is uniquely suited to its topic and sure to appeal to the people who make up its target audience.

Overall: 4.2 stars. Diving in Red Sea offers a beautiful website with everything you need to know about its subject, but there is still ample room for improvement.