Discovery Kids Gets Adult New Look

By Mash Bonigala

There was a time when children were content to be children and play with their Matchbox cars or Barbies while the adults watched the Discovery Channel. However, those days are clearly over. Not only do children have their own version of the well-known nonfiction network (and they have since 1996), this channel is undergoing a puberty of sorts and emerging as a more adult version of its former self.

The old Discovery Kids logo is relatively new itself. A small planet Earth is shown orbiting a larger one, representing the relationship between the kid’s channel and its parent network. Because the logo design for the parent company uses a globe, this also ties into the larger Discovery brand. The use of the distinctive Discovery font has the same result. The word ‘kids’ is written in a distinctly youthful typeface in fiery, eye-catching red and yellow colors. This logo is clearly a Discovery product, but as young and playful as can be.

The new logo design is as grown up as the old one is youthful. The traditional Discovery Channel logo is present with the word ‘kids’ written in bold blue letters below. The recognizable globe is apparently hand drawn in marker to give it a more subtly young feeling.

What does this logo change say about Discovery Kids? The more grown up feeling is immediately obvious. Gone are the jagged, in-your-face yellow and red letters, replaced instead by calm, business-like blue. While the globe is hand drawn, it is accurate and lacks the childishness seen in the older logo. Most importantly, Discovery Kids no longer revolves around its parent company. It has taken off and is a planet on its own.

This change in logo design is not just a branding change, but a symptom of a larger one. In just a month, Discovery Kids will be replaced with a channel called The Hub, a collaboration between toy brand Hasbro and the Discovery Network. All that will be left of the brand known as Discovery Kids is a lucrative line of educational toys. In other words, Discovery Kids has changed their logo design to prepare for a larger change from a television channel to a toy brand.

While The Hub won’t have a logo that identifies them overtly as a Discovery network, it should be noted that none of the other channels owned by the brand have a distinctive Discovery logo. Rather than placing this channel apart as a special spin-off of Discovery, this change places Discovery Kids as a mere spin off of the original. Hub will be the purveyor of children’s educational television and Discovery Kids will be a name on your child’s favorite birthday present.

Logo changes are necessary from time to time to maintain a brand’s relevance and modernity, but this is an example of a completely necessary design change. Discovery Kids is undergoing an important transition, and it is important to have a new logo that represents this.