Discover the New Discovery UK


If you are an existing fan of Discovery UK, you will soon be seeing a new logo design on your favorite programming. Discovery is rebranding and introducing a new logo and other visual elements that will subtly change the way they are viewed in the UK, inviting new viewers and solidifying their relationship with their established audience at the same time.

The old Discovery UK brand was in need of a little help. Heavy black letters stood above a blue bar with the word ‘channel’ and a cloudy blue globe. The globe was somewhat obscured so you cannot see any continents, allowing the brand to work well in a variety of countries. While this brand has taken the company far, it was beginning to feel dated. One particular flaw is that the way the elements are layered is a little disjointed. Also, so many television channels are rebranding that the multinational media company could not afford not to revamp their image a little.

The new logo design takes the best of the old brand and adds new, modern elements for a more contemporary image that is still a recognizable part of the Discovery UK brand. The lettering has been made friendlier and re-set so that the letters nest together nicely rather than standing on their own. The same globe is seen—still without visible continents—and the word ‘channel’ is below in line with the tail of the Y.

Most notably, the globe is no longer a separate element from the wording, but rather part of it. This will make the design more versatile because the D and the globe together can serve as an abbreviated form of the logo in areas that demand a smaller design, such as in the corner of a television screen. Versatility is an important part of logo design for media businesses that deal with a variety of different formats.

Including the globe and the original blue color was important in this logo design because it allowed the television network to maintain recognition with its already sizeable audience. Because television channels must change their logos and other visual elements rather often, it is important that salient features be kept for a sense of continuity. The ‘old’ logo design is only two years old and certainly had elements that were worth keeping. In addition, the globe is being used in promotions already, with some of the channel’s most memorable moments playing in the sphere. The impression is that Discovery brings the whole world to viewers in the UK, which is certainly a favorable impression.

Sometimes rebranding doesn’t mean a complete visual overhaul, but rather a subtle modification of existing brand elements. The Discovery UK logo design is a good example of this process. If you have a recognizable brand that is losing some of its power, this type of rebranding and redesign may be your best option. Modifying a brand with new, modern elements allows you to attract new customers without alienating established fans of your UK brand.