Different Logo Fonts

By Mash Bonigala

When you are thinking about a new logo design, you probably think a lot about the image that will be a part of the logo like this brokerage logo we created. However, the font can be just as important. The type that you use will reflect on your business; after all, it will be indelibly associated with your name. Different fonts communicate different things and thus are most appropriate for certain industries. While every business is different, we have noticed a few trends when it comes to font and industry.

  • Accountant and Finance. Money is a serious topic to most of us, and we like it best when the people who handle our money take it seriously as well. This is perhaps why accountant and finance logos seem to work best with very serious writing. We have noticed a gradual trend in the industry toward serious letters with serifs, often thin and in upper case.
  • Children. There are a variety of different fonts that can be used in logos representing products and services aimed at children. However, we like to see a little whimsy in these. Whatever the type of brand, it is easy to add a few details to the font that will make it more imaginative and child-like. Imagination and creativity are both an important part in logos aimed at children’s industries.
  • Home Services. There are a variety of different people that you hire to come in your home, whether to fix things or to perform chores. This requires a unique mix of trustworthiness and expert knowledge. In addition, most people like to feel that a friendly, nice person is coming to their home. Therefore, the fonts for these industries will need to have a mix of seriousness and approachability. One option is to use a traditional font without serifs that has rounded shapes within it.
  • Engineering and Science. These industries work with hard and fast laws and a lot of new technologies. As such, bold letters and strong shapes are important in logo designs representing these fields. Thick letters and square shapes without serifs can work well in these industries, as can capital letters.
  • Art and Design. These topics are creative enough that you can really be imaginative here. There sky is the limit when it comes to art and design logos. You can decide to use a very flamboyant font or one that is somewhat restrained. The only important thing is that it work well with the rest of your logo.
  • Real Estate and Property. We see very serious fonts in real estate, which seems like a mistake because it needs to be an approachable industry as well. While there does not seem to be a signature style, real estate fonts tend to be very classic and traditional. After all, housing is one of the oldest industries in our nation and we like to feel that our agent is part of that tradition.
  • Consultancy. If people are going to hire you to solve their business’s problems, they need to feel that you are approachable and also that you have the technical ability to help. However, consultancy logos often need to feel imaginative as well. It can be difficult to fit so many different qualifications into one font, but that is the job of a logo designer.