Different Country, Different Logo Design


We are always saying that logo design needs to be tailored especially for the market, but even we were surprised when we found out that certain multinational corporations use different logos in different countries. That’s right, folks: if you take a short hop across the Atlantic, you may find that your favorite products have some unfamiliar images on the label.

7up is one good example of this, although it probably isn’t the only one. While the American brand remains largely unchanged, the German brand rebranded about a year ago and now uses a very different logo design. You probably are familiar with the American logo design, and the German one is very similar. It uses the same numeral seven as a main image, along with a bright colored dot. The same red and green color palette is there as well.

However, there are notable differences. The American logo design is angled for a feeling of movement. It uses a slightly lighter, cooler shade of green with the red dot in the center of the word. The German version uses a sleeker, more modern numeral with shiny bevels and the word ‘up’ in the center of the red dot. It is more of an image than a word.

Both logos are appropriate for their audience and the way the brand is marketed in the region in question. Americans like a little fun and youthful charm in their soda pop brands. This logo certainly delivers that. If you look at the German 7up website, they are promoting the sparkling beverage as a simple, clean choice. Their logo design is a good representative of that brand. The German brand might not work so well in the United States for another reason: it is vaguely reminiscent of the 7-11 minimart logo that we are so familiar with on this side of the world. No one wants cheap gas station flavored soda, right?

In addition, many European markets prefer a simpler, more business-like look. Logos marketing to this audience must be more minimalist and ‘adult’ than those that are so successful in the United States. While it may seem excessive to have a completely different brand and logo design for a different country, it is a necessary part of running a multinational corporation.

When you are planning a logo design, the first thing to consider is your audience. What are they looking for in a product such as yours? What are the tangible and less tangible benefits to them? How can you make this promise both with and without words? Answering these questions will help you to build a brand that is attractive to them.

This brand, developed for your unique customer base, is then the basis of your logo. Your business logo design and other visual elements of your brand will communicate key facts about your company. This is an essential part of opening a business and developing the customer base that you need for success.