Developing an Event Logo


We write a lot about the logo designs for large events, such as the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. However, logos for smaller events are just as important, and often more fun to design. Because they need to appeal to a much smaller and more defined market, these logos can really get at the spirit of the event.

The event logo for the upcoming Manchester Picnic is a good example of this. The picnic will be running in Piccadilly Gardens on August 5-7. It is meant to be a family event, with free stuff, food and a lot of activities for all ages. The logo design seems to express this perfectly, with a gingham background resembling a table cloth, a scalloped white plate and the word ‘picnic’ written in pieces of sandwich. The bottom of the poster has grass. It is hard to look at this logo and not think of a nice, summer’s day picnic, even if you couldn’t read the letters.

According to event organizers, they wanted this year’s event to feel like a festival and to appeal to people of all ages in the area. This logo design certainly will do the job. The somewhat subdued colour palette gives the event a retro feeling that will be very attractive to people in the area. After all, most of us associate picnics and other simpler forms of entertainment with times gone by. Not only does this event feel like a festival, it has strong family appeal.

This logo will not just be used on signs for the event; it will also be used on leaflets, shopping bags, the Visit Manchester website, and more. The logo design has also been animated, and these animations will be shown on outdoor screens at the event as well as on the web. This is a great addition to a brand that is meant to appeal to children, for obvious reasons.

Part of running an event is developing a brand for that event. In this case, the Manchester Picnic Committee developed a feeling for the event—that of a festival. They looked at the market as well, which happens to be mainly families in the Manchester area. They then worked with a professional logo design company to develop a brand and an event logo design that worked with the event mood and the target market. Because they followed the necessary steps of branding an event, the Manchester Picnic has a great logo design that will serve them well and help to promote the picnic.

If you are planning an event of any kind, it is important that you follow these steps as well. A logo designer is an integral part of the process, but no one knows the mood and the market as well as you do. However, working with professionals to develop signage and a logo is important. Your event deserves more than an amateur logo; it deserves a brand that will represent it in all its glory.