Design Neighbourhood Gets Great Design


Fitzrovia is a well-known neighborhood in central London, known mainly for being somewhat of a Bohemian place full of art galleries, hip showrooms, and stylish cafes. A new initiative, called Fitzrovia Now, has recently been introduced to publicise the benefits that the neighborhood has to offer. This initiative includes a logo design that will be a part of London Design Week.

Of course, a UK logo requires a UK logo designer, and Fitzrovia Now exceeded expectations by using a design agency actually located in Fitzrovia. The brand was developed with input from the local community and businesses. This helped to create a design that is truly representative of the area that it is meant to represent.

The logo design features the name of the organization in white letters on a black background. A key shape is created from thinner white lines on the same black. If you look carefully, the end of the key makes a capital letter F. The line drawing ties into the website as it also features white line shapes on a black background.

The logo design has other meanings as well.

The concentric rings refer to Fitzrovia’s location in the center of London. The layered lines also refer to the maze-like feeling of Fitzrovia’s streets. One of the things that we really like about this logo is the lettering. The letters have been custom drawn to fit together perfectly. They are simple but not by any means generic.

Why promote a neighborhood with professional logo design?

Although Fitzrovia has a lot to offer as far as amenities and style, most Londoners never think to make a trip there. The neighborhood is filled with interesting galleries and is considered by insiders to be one of the hot spots of London design, with an interesting history and a great sense of community that is lacking in more upscale addresses. However, Fitzrovia simply does not have the name-brand appeal of other London neighborhoods.

This logo design is meant to increase awareness of the unique qualities that Fitzrovia has to offer while increasing community pride. Londoners and visitors to the area can ‘unlock’ this secret neighborhood and explore its maze-like streets.

The UK logo design for Fitzrovia is already being used on the Fitzrovia Now website as well as throughout the community. However, it will be officially unveiled at the Fitzrovia Now & Then event which will be part of the London Design Festival in late September. In addition, the being used on the organization’s website, the logo will be used on maps, flyers, and signage. It may also be used within individual businesses in the Fitzrovia neighbourhood.

Tourism is becoming an increasingly competitive industry in the UK. In order to bring customers into an area and even into a given business, an appealing brand and logo design must be developed. This logo is a good example of one that is unique and relevant to the neighbourhood while presenting a basis for a recognizable and memorable destination brand.