Design for a Dollar?


No one can get design for a dollar—at least not a design worth your time or money. However, the dollar bill is currently being redesigned by a group of people who are tired of the boring, monochromatic nature of this currency.

What is the effect of a logo? According to some people, it can revive the United States economy and improve citizens’ confidence in our nation. This is the premise behind the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, which is holding a contest for the best American currency design. This contest is not official, but it nonetheless is garnering a great deal of interest from people who believe the drab nature of the American economy is partly due to the drab appearance of the American currency.

Exactly how a renovated dollar bill would improve our economic situation is unknown, but that is precisely the claim made by this group and its head, a creative strategy consultant named Richard Smith. This certainly is a creative strategy, albeit one that economists don’t seem to take very seriously. The contest has already received many different entries. While these are of varying quality, it is likely that most are at least more interesting than the current currency design that we use.

People use the dollar every day, so any change in design would likely be noticed. However, whether a new dollar would indeed bring about economic change is highly controversial. In a world where many people use credit and debit cards to pay for purchases, it is easy to see how changes might receive a lot of attention at first, but remain unnoticed for the remainder of their tenure. Further, changing the appearance of money, which costs quite a bit to produce, would likely cost more than it would be worth. Nonetheless, a hardcore group of believers is holding out for change and the positive consequences that they believe would follow.

Although the date for submissions has already passed, you can vote for your favorite at Ironically, a design created by a pair of British designers was in the lead at last check. Just keep in mind that this website and the people who run it do not have the political power to change the design of United States currency. However passionate people might feel about their favorite, they nonetheless will likely have no effect whatsoever on either the design of the dollar or the strength of the American economy.

While many people simply do not believe in the power of logo design, this is a good example of the effect that it can have. Good design may not be able to turn around national economies, but it definitely can turn around small businesses. However, getting a design from a contest is nothing short of foolhardy, especially considering the long term effects of the result. If you decide that your business needs a logo design that will carry you into the next decade (possibly longer than the dollar will last), talk to SpellBrand – Experienced & Creative logo designers today.