Dealing with Success


Congratulations on the success of your business. You deserve it and it is a just reward for the blood, toil, tears and sweat you put in. But are you using your success, or just enjoying it? Is it building you up or, perhaps unconsciously, pulling you down? Success is a double edged sword that can help or hinder your future business growth, depending on how you use it.

• It is a reward you have earned. Enjoy it.
• Your success should give you confidence to take on even more.
• News of your success will make others more willing to participate in your business, be it as suppliers, financiers or customers.
• Rewarding those who contributed to your success will create more loyalty and goodwill for your business.
• Increase your business stature by sharing your knowledge. Of course, you should not reveal your secrets, but help people by willingly sharing knowledge they could get anyway. Respect is a tangible business asset.

• Never let success make you arrogant. Arrogance leads to over confidence which is a prime cause of mistakes and failures.
• Do not take success for granted. Because something worked last time, do not take the easy way out and try doing the same thing again. Every situation needs its own response. What worked in the past may be wrong in the future and trying the same thing again in changed circumstances can lead to failure.
• Never forget those who contributed to your success. If you do, they won’t be there to help the next time.
• Success brings its share of parasites – those who gravitate to you looking for a free lunch or a ride on your coat tails. Be discriminating on who you allow into your business circle. Let in those who can contribute and keep out those who have their own agendas. This is a tough thing to learn and you will make mistakes. But as you get more experienced, you will learn to spot the freeloader. Remember that locking out the potential a helper is as bad as letting in the parasite.
• One of the most unnoticed things that can happen to a businessman is to become scared of success. Yes it does happen! Success brings added work and responsibilities. Many people allow this to frighten them and subconsciously become fearful of taking on more. Examine yourself. Is this happening to you? If so, control it by:
o Looking at all you have achieved. If you allowed this fear to affect you when you started, you would not be where you are today.
o You don’t know how much more you can take on till you try.
o Your experience and the knowledge you have gained should make more responsibility easier to handle, not harder.
o You do not have to do everything yourself. Look for those who can work with you and share the load.
o Find resources that can help you. Outsourcing is a great way to reduce your current burden and allowing your focus to remain on more growth and success. Visit sites like and see where you can find the support you need to get to your next success