Did your customers forget their drinks? – PODCAST #001


Finally after months and months of delay I finally got the chance to launch a brand new podcast series on brand building. These podcasts are very casual and to the point. In fact I will not be even using any professional recording equipment or fancy intro music etc. At least for the first few months anyway. If the podcasts gain traction then I will start formatting them better.

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Transcript of the audio podcast:

So, I’m sitting in front of McDonlad’s, and I just had my breakfast. The very interesting thing is that I went through the ‘Drive through’ and I ordered a double sausage egg muffin breakfast with orange juice. Now the lady at the counter, the window, gave me my breakfast, and, I’m a firm believer of, you know, not hogging the ‘drive through’. I don’t know, I tried move really fast, and I don’t know if she forgot or maybe I was too fast, I don’t know, but I just drove off and so I parked in the parking area and I opened my breakfast, and I’m having that. I was actually taking my Pug, Dexter, for his monthly grooming.

So, I started eating my breakfast and about a quarter way through I realised that I didn’t have anything to drink and that I forgot to take the drink. So now the parking lot is quite huge, and I was parked quite a distance. It was slightly drizzling and I thought, ‘you know what, forget about it; I don’t want to go all the way up and then tell that I’ve forgotten and all that’. So I continued munching away at my breakfast, and, after a little while, I saw this suited guy walking around the parking lot. Right? He was looking at different cars and I thought ‘ok, you know, it’s odd to see a suited guy, a guy in a suit, walking around, looking at cars’. And, finally, after about, I don’t know, it was probably five minutes or something and I was almost at the end of my breakfast and I saw that he had a bottle of orange juice in his hand and he was walking around.

He actually was now heading back towards McDonald’s, and that’s when the light went off in my head and I thought ‘My God, that must be my orange juice’! So, I opened my window and I shouted out to this guy: ‘I thought, that’s probably mine’. So, he walks over to me and hands me the orange juice and says: ‘My apologies. The lady at the counter forgot to give you the juice.’ I was blown away! I thought: This IS customer service. This IS Branding at its best. I mean, they didn’t need to do that because it could have been my fault; you know, it’s probably not intentional, but the fact that the manager was walking around the parking lot, trying to look for; apparently, they told him it was a black Ford Focus, but I drive a Mercedes. So he was looking for a Ford Focus, a black one.

And it was drizzling and he was walking around; he spent five minutes for, you know, the (guy with) breakfast worth 3 or 4 bucks. So, that, I think, is a fantastic example of Branding done right and Customer Service at its best, and engagement, loyalty building, brand awareness, you know, you name it; it’s there. I’m still sitting in my car. I just decided to do this quick podcast and I want to ask you: Do any of your customers forget their drink? So to speak. You know, what is your brand willing to do that will make a difference. Now this small gesture has really made me a fan of McDonlad’s.

I mean, I hardly ever go to McDonald’s; I am not a big fan of fast food joints, anyway. But this little event, this little experience really, really reinforced my belief that Branding when done right is fantastic. I mean it’s awesome. It didn’t matter that, you know, I just bought a three or four buck kind of breakfast as opposed to customer service being better when you purchase luxury items. This was luxury experience for four bucks! So, I would like you to keep this in mind as you plan your brand strategy… to try and factor in little things that you can do for your customers. That’s really going to make a difference. And that would really put you ahead of your competitors, and create a brand recall, something that sticks to your customers mind.

All right. Have a great week now!

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