Custom Hand Lettering Logo Design

Beautiful custom lettering logo designs for stunning impact!

Custom hand lettering offers you a chance to have a one of a kind of brand identity that starts with your logo design. Hand lettering means that the text in your logo is not created with an off the shelf digital font that any one can download in use. It is created via unique hand lettering and calligraphy that bring forth the character of the brand and create an emotional connection with the audience.

Brands that have custom lettering in their logo designs usually tend to look like uber brands. The power of a good customer lettered logo is quite huge.

There is something quite attractive about a beautifully lettered logotype. The vintage and historical connection to hand lettering also imbibe the brand with heritage and trust.

Most often you don’t even need to have an icon in your logo since the hand lettering itself can have embellishments and details that capture the eye and make for a highly attractive logo design.

Custom Logo Design