Creditsafe Rebrands to Meet the Challenges of the Times


This is not the year to be in the financial business anywhere in the world, but especially not in the UK. With banking giants all over the world involved in scandal and bankruptcy, many people are feeling particularly suspicious toward this industry. This is leading many finance-related companies to consider rebranding as a way of staying viable and maintaining customer loyalty. Creditsafe has already embarked on this process.

Creditsafe is a debt recovery and credit reporting business and therefore has always answered mainly to credit controllers. However, as part of their new rebranding programme, the company will be attempting to take a new and more open approach to a rather black and white industry.

Creditsafe calls this process the democratization of credit.

However, their rebranding the right way goes beyond simply making information available to more people. Creditsafe has a launched an advertising campaign claiming to be the most intelligent and well-rounded choice. Although the brand has over 50,000 clients across the UK and Europe, it is hoping that this identity, which is far different from their competitors, will be striking enough to give them a place beside many more established competitors.

The rebranding programme was overseen by a professional consultancy in London and is already gaining momentum. It included not just an advertising campaign, but redeveloping the business website and a new tagline: ‘Simply Smarter’. This is in line with the more democratic and intelligent approach to credit reporting that the company is claiming to embrace.

Credit checking is not exactly a glamorous line of business, so it makes sense for Creditsafe to rebrand pushing other services. However, sharing information is one aspect that cuts across the company’s many facets. Focusing on fair and equitable sharing of information among a wider group of people will create a brand that people all over London and the UK can identify with.

One aspect of the Creditsafe brand that will not change is the logo design and visual identity. This is among the most modern and eye-catching of the finance logo designs on the market. A bold red background pulls in the eye while differentiating the brand from the more subdued finance logo designs that dominate the market. Two petal shapes to the right add visual interest while also giving an unusual and recognizable shape for the business to use in marketing and advertisement. Because the brand is trying to be the friendlier choice, rounded lower case writing is perfect for the company name.

This logo design may just be the only part of the Creditsafe brand that won’t be changing. However, this change is entirely for the best. While rebranding is a complicated and often difficult process, it can have a huge positive effect on the future of a business. In this case, rebranding under gthe uidance of a professional agency is helping Creditsafe to reposition their company in a way that will be more pleasing to customers and more effective over the long term. This will not only boost the company’s success; it will also give them an advantage in the trying times to come.