Creative Website Review


Creative Website – Most of the websites that we review are great in an ordinary kind of way. However, many are so well designed that it is a little mind-blowing. The website for graphic designer Coo-Coo Core is one of these. At the center of the homepage is a beautiful stylized tree in chocolate brown and hot pink. It swirls up into the sky, with one branch ending in the company name. At the center is a navigation bar. When you click on any of the links, the tree opens up into the appropriate information.

Website Reviewed:

That’s easy to do with a small amount of text, but the designer even has her portfolio neatly fit into this format. The portfolio is separated into sections, and each piece of work comes up in a pop-out. This is clever and shows the company’s web design prowess.

One of the most striking parts of this website is the excellent use of negative space. If you look over the site, a large portion of the pages are empty. However, the feeling is not so much one of emptiness, but one of grace and minimalism. This is a sign of great design and is actually a very difficult effect to achieve. Further, it can be difficult to hone down material so you can convey the need information without leaving out something important. Coo-Coo Core has also accomplished this task well.

Creativity: 5 stars. Where do we start? This website is very creatively designed, from color choices to actual design elements. We love the tree especially, which is an unusual yet strangely fitting symbol for a company such as this. Of course we expect nothing less from someone trying to sell their creative abilities.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The information has been reduced to its most important points, and these are logically organized. Everything is very easy to locate and placed exactly where it belongs.

Functionality: 2 stars. This is where the website falls a little short. There are no links to social networking sites; indeed, there is nothing but an email address. Modern business demands that you have a web presence beyond a small, simple website, and this is one area where the designer falls woefully short.

Content: 4 stars. The content is also a little sparse. It is likely that this was done for simplicity’s sake, but we would like to see just a little bit more from the designer. She does not even indicate whether she is freelancing, working for an agency, or otherwise looking for work, which is usually the purpose of a website such as this.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. All criticisms aside, this is a really cool website that has been thoughtfully and artfully created. It is very appropriate for this artist and shows off her sense of style.

Overall: 4.2 out of 5 stars. We would love to give this gorgeous CSS website perfect marks, but the few flaws are too serious to overlook.