Creative Sessions Website Review

By Eva Alsis

A creative business had better have a darn creative website, and most of them seem to know it. This is probably why so many of the websites that we talk about are actually for design companies. Sessions is a design website with a wide range of specific niches, so we opened this landing page expecting to be wowed. Luckily, we weren’t disappointed.

This website has a lot of different nooks and crannies, and fitting them all on a landing page can be challenging. Doing so in an attractive and interesting way is even more so. This landing page uses the mosaic approach, fitting the different articles and tutorials into a block of neat squares. The main tabs can be seen at the top of the page so visitors who don’t want to browse can quickly get where they need to go. The header, however, is the real star of this website. It is a work of art in itself, with a woman “painting” different software images and swirling shapes with a round device held in her hand.

This is an appropriate image for several reasons. First, it provides a color palette for the website. If you look throughout the website, you will see these colors used over and over. Second, it is specific and yet still covers the wide range of creative and design topics that this website covers.

This website makes you want to explore, from the time you encounter its header image and well into your explorations of its many topics. Because it is arranged by monthly ‘Sessions’, or creative topics, you can become an expert on a single topic (or at least feel that you are one) simply by reading a few articles. Each link includes multi-media resources for learning and practicing that month’s skill and links at the end to other posts on related topics. The comment section at the end allows users to make comments or offer their own advice on the subject.

One aspect of this website that could be interpreted as either a benefit or a disadvantage is fact that it is difficult to tell the difference between advertising and links to articles on the site. This is due to the fact that they are both in similarly sized squares with similarly bright images within. On one hand, this may increase the website’s revenue. On the other hand, it may frustrate visitors or even lead them away from Sessions never to return. Generally, in web design it is important to make a clear distinction between ads, nonpaid links to relevant sources, and parts of the website itself. Sessions’ largest flaw is that it never even attempts to draw this line.

If you are looking for a website that IS a business, rather than a website FOR your business, this website is a good one to consider. It shows exactly how commercial websites are different from others. The purpose of this website is to inform others and create revenue in the process, rather than inviting people to try an offline business. It does a great job of including a lot of information in a small space and using the landing page to differentiate the site from the many others similar to it.